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Design your custom ring around the vibrant green of emerald.

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The Lush Green of Emerald

Every emerald has so much personality from the patterns and textures that are trapped in the gemstone during its formation. It's one of the few gems beloved for its inclusions. And, for those who prefer a more pristine green, lab-made emeralds are the perfect answer. Browse through a few of our recent designs, featuring natural and lab-created emeralds.

Mixed yellow and white gold and pave diamonds create a perfectly delicate, sparkly bridal set with just a nod toward vintage inspiration in the claw prongs. But the star of the show is the stunning 1.35ct emerald cut emerald.
A delicate yellow gold band pairs perfectly with the clear green of this lab-created round brilliant emerald. A sleek, contemporary ring with just a slight curve as the shank splits open around the center setting.
He told us "she is the one who brought color into my life." So we designed a nature-inspired ring with a rainbow of colored accent gems around the emerald center stone.
This vintage-inspired ring features a three-stone setting of emerald and moissanite. The intricate detailing is inspired by Celtic rope.
A marquise-cut emerald center stone in this ring pairs beautifully with the antiqued, riveted white metal setting around it.
Pear cut emerald and sapphire form a heart-shaped center setting in this Celtic knot ring.
The top profile in this ring is a sleek solitaire, but the side profile reveals an elegant, vintage-inspired scroll detail with accent diamonds.
A gorgeous, Art Deco-inspired ring design is open and airy and nods toward the elongated navette ring shape. Like a diamond-laced snowflake with a marquise emerald center.
This celtic-inspired rope design seems to unwind and open up into the perfect setting for a marquise-cut emerald.
A man's white gold engagement ring in the shape of branches or roots entwined around two emerald cut emeralds.
His goal: "a ring with a theme of harmony and joining of families." The toi-et-moi two-stone setting of emerald and opal represents their union, reinforced by the intertwined yellow and white gold bands. Accents of turquoise, peridot, amethyst and emerald represent the families.
A unique, modern two-stone setting pairs emerald and amethyst in a knife edge white gold ring with delicate heart details.
Organic, nature-inspired curves in this bridal set. Small diamond accents seem to orbit the round emerald, reinforcing the twist of the white gold shank.
Concept sketches for a snake ring with emerald and diamond halo. Snake jewelry was popular in Victorian times, inspired by the emerald-set snake ring Prince Albert used to propose to Queen Victoria.
Skipping the center stone, this elegant ring sets emerald and diamond accents on vining white gold strands for a subtle, low-profile look.
Three-stone setting of heart-cut emerald and round brilliant diamonds. Set in a clean, contemporary white gold band (in our hypoallergenic no-nickel palladium white gold alloy).
Sketches for a leafy, nature-inspired rose gold ring with a pear cut emerald center stone.

The Custom Experience

Talk About It


Discuss design ideas, options, and budget with a dedicated jewelry consultant - your guide to the custom experience.

Get It Designed


See sketches and concept art designed just for you by our jewelry design team.

See It Come To Life


Visualize your piece with high resolution 3D renderings. We'll adjust every detail until you tell us it looks perfect.

Treasure It


Receive your custom ring, with the assurance it's been made to wear and last a lifetime.

Dedicated Service

Our team of design consultants helps you figure out the details, explains your options, and guides you through each step of designing a custom engagement ring.

Personalized Design

Our artists and designers create sketches and detailed 3D renderings for you, so you'll see just how your ring will look when it's finished. We'll work with you on every detail until you say it looks exactly right.


Our design team, artists, gemologists, and experienced jewelers will handle your project with the utmost skill, care, and knowledge.

Unmatched Value

Get exactly the ring you want for the price of something off the shelf. We make custom accessible for any budget.

Emerald Accents

A pop of emerald green can be the perfect accent detail to transform your ring design. Browse through some recent examples where our customers chose to use emeralds in a supporting role.

He said "I'm interested in having a somewhat simple and beautiful ring made for her." That just about perfectly sums up this delicate and beautiful ring. The emeralds draw out the green/blue side of the alexandrite's color spectrum.
Designed to tell the story of their lives together. Leaves and vines and a bypass twist of feathers surround the diamond center stone and their birthstones, emerald and amethyst, accent the leaves.
Emeralds accent the trinity knot shank, bringing together the Celtic and natural themes in this engagement ring. We opted for a smaller center diamond with a very low profile to make sure this ring could be easily worn even when she's working with her hands.
A beautiful, delicate lotus ring with pave emeralds along the vining white gold shank.
Designed in rose gold, this engagement ring features a diamond halo center setting tucked inside lotus petals. The shank features detailed, natural elements: textured bark and accent emeralds in the leaves on each shoulder of the ring.
Bright pops of color ensure this engagement ring will stand out in a crowd, with alternating emeralds and amethysts tapering toward the bright red ruby center stone.

What Our Customers Say

I cannot believe just how awesome this company is! They took my dream and carved it out of white gold.

I had a sharp deadline and had been working on this project for months. They were able to do the impossible and get me my project for the important day. Not only have they done that but the ring... its everything I wanted it to be. They have gone above and beyond, and I am so glad to have done this through CustomMade. Customer care and communication has been very key to this project throughout it all. The amount of love and dedication I felt from them is priceless.

- Anthony P.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a project take?

For most customers, a project takes about 4 weeks. That includes discussing your design up front, another 2-3 days to create your design, a few days for revisions (if necessary), around 10 days in production, and a few days to ship it to you.

If you need your piece completed by a certain date, let us know up front, and we can usually work to accommodate your request. For urgent requests, we offer a rush service that pushes your request to the top of our list and guarantees delivery by a specified date.

Unfortunately, if you need your piece completed in 2 weeks or less, we can't accommodate requests in that timeframe.

How much will my ring cost?

In general, our custom rings are the same price as similar rings off-the-shelf ('similar' meaning a comparable selection of metals and gemstones used, which are the biggest factors in price). Our aim is to make high-quality custom designs accessible to everyone.

Each ring we produce starts off as a brand new concept. Because of that, it’s difficult to know how much a piece is going to cost without knowing a bit more about the idea you have in mind.

The easiest way to figure out how much your ring will cost is to start a consultation with us and let our team know what you're looking for - we can provide an estimate with only a few details.

When do I get to see a design? Do I have to pay first?

After we've gathered details on what you'd like to make, we'll be ready to start designing your piece. We make every effort to make sure we have all your considerations in mind before we start designing.

Before we produce 3D previews of your piece, we require a deposit up front - the deposit goes toward the final cost of producing your piece. Should you decide not to proceed with production of your design, the deposit is partially refundable minus a small amount we retain to cover our designer’s time.

In some cases, we may produce hand-drawn sketches of your piece to help us firm up the details of the design before we proceed. There is no payment or deposit required for sketch work.

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