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The Perfect Ring?
It's Really Pretty Simple.

We believe in lots and lots of hand-holding.

We’re not talking about PDAs though. We’re talking about hands-on help with ring shopping.

From sifting through settings, to sketching ideas, to selecting the perfect center stone, we’re by your side every step of the way. Except when you pop the question...that’d probably ruin the moment.

How It Works
Your Diamond Options
Option 1 Diamond: 1.11ct
Option 2 Diamond: 1.24ct
Best Value
Total Price $5,476.00
1.24 CT SI2 G Excellent

Awesome deal here! It’s listed as an SI2, but the inclusions are small and well-positioned, so they’ll be invisible to the naked eye. That’s an extra 0.25 carats and still well under your budget!

Option 3 Diamond: 1.1ct

Not A Diamond Fan?

Pick a color. Any color! Colored gemstones are one of our specialties.

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We don’t sell you a diamond. We help you buy the best one.

We search around the world to hand-pick the best diamond deals available on the entire market. Then we help you select the perfect one with our gemologist's analysis and 360° HD video.

Not A Diamond Fan?

Pick a color. Any color! Colored gemstones are one of our specialties.

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We’re Not Happy Till You’re Happ(ily Ever After)

We get it. Buying an engagement ring online might seem a little crazy.

That’s why we give so much love, care, and personal attention to each ring we make. It's not perfect until you tell us it's perfect.

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Your Personal Ring Team


You'll be working with a personal ring consultant, gemologists, designers, and a variety of other folks all personally dedicated to making sure that "Yes" is more like "YES!!!!".

Create At Your Pace


Ready to put a ring on it? Awesome. Need a few months to think about it? Also fine! An engagement ring is a big decision. Take your time - we'll work at whatever speed you need us to.

PicturePerfect Ring Review


Just like every ring you see on our website, our photography team will put together a photoshoot for your ring, and you'll receive a photo collection before we ship it so you can make sure we nailed all the details. And maybe get just a little emotional. It's okay, we're used to it.

Lifetime Warranty


We check your ring over and over to make sure it's perfect. But...just in case, if your ring setting ever has issues due to our craftsmanship, we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

Lifetime Customer Service


Need help getting your ring insured? Wondering how to get it clean and sparkly again? Anxious about a stone setting getting loose? Engagement rings get worn for a lifetime, so we'll be around just as long to offer you support.

It's A Perfect Fit!

(For any budget, that is.)

Instead of having pre-made rings with price tags on them, our goal is to create one amazing ring that fits your budget - something made just for you, for the price of something off the shelf.

Take a look at some of the rings we've created in your price range to see what kind of magic we can make happen.

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You Just Might Fall In Love With Us, Too

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Popping the question isn't the only occasion worthy of an amazing piece of jewelry.

Whether you're celebrating, gifting, or just treating yourself, we've got you covered.

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