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Dragonfly engagement ring designs

Updated May 31, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

A symbol of hope, growth, and love

We know, insects aren’t usually the most romantic thing, unless you’re talking about getting bit by the love bug. But there’s something about a dragonfly’s majesty that makes you forget they’re bugs at all. They’re more like the tiny version of the mythical creatures they’re named for than the annoying house flies that always seem to escape the swatter. Dragonflies are a symbol of hope, growth, and love, which makes them a great inspiration for engagement rings for people looking to add some symbolism or nature elements to their design.


This rose gold ring gives off major garden vibes starting from the central flower laying over the citrine stone all the way to the tiny dragonfly touch on the side of the band. Marquise cut green peridots make up leaves on the sides, adding an extra layer to the garden feel of this ring. The rose gold dragonflies tie everything together, adding even more nature elements to this whimsical ring. If a garden fairy had an engagement ring (or perhaps a Middle-earth elf inspired by the Nenya ring), this is what she’d be wearing on her finger.


This ring might seem like a simple lab created diamond engagement ring on the surface, but turn it to the side? A hidden dragonfly peekaboo! The yellow gold dragonfly is a secret surprise for anyone lucky enough to see the ring’s profile. And personally? We love the idea of using a peekaboo touch to hide personal touches in a ring. Add the three accent alexandrites on each side of the center diamond and this ring becomes even more unique.


This engagement ring takes dragonfly inspiration to the max! Two white gold dragonflies make up the band for this ring holding a bright blue, emerald cut aquamarine as the center stone. A diamond halo and even more sparkly accents in the dragonflies make this ring particularly eye-catching.


With a more subtle take on the inspiration than our last featured ring, this piece uses delicate little dragonflies to frame the center stone in a bypass setting. What’s a bypass setting? We’re glad you asked! That’s where each side of the band curves to one side of the center stone, in this case making the perfect nook for the dragonflies. We’re a big fan of this deep purple amethyst and its marquise cut for the feature of the engagement ring, and the white gold bands of accent diamonds hugging the dragonflies adds to the magic of the piece.


Here’s another take on a dragonfly peekaboo, this time in white gold! This engagement ring has a stunning 1.7 carat princess cut moissanite for its center stone with matching trillion cut blue sapphires on either side. Taking a look at the profile you can see some intricate carved patterns, including a dragonfly whose wings hold up the moissanite!


Our final ring in the lineup is another white gold band with an aquamarine center stone, similar to number three. But that’s where the similarities end. Instead of traditional scroll carvings, this ring boasts an engraved nature scene along the side of the band. Included in that scene? Our lovely dragonfly inspiration!

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