Bonsai With Stained Glass Wood Carved Art Piece

This beautiful wood and stained glass wall hanging embodies the essence of Carmel or Big Sur and the wind swept cypress trees found there. The frame is an original design of medallions on a hewn wood ring. I produce this model in both maple (light) and alder (warm brown). Machine carved in my studio woodshop, this unique art piece is graced with a pane of amber and green stained glass for the background. When hung in a window creates a stunning display of shapes, color, and light. It ships with a removable disk of white board for wall hanging without background colors affecting the beauty of the glass panel.

Available in the rich, warm brown tones of alder, or the bright and light tones of maple. This piece is machine carved, and hand sanded and finished with a natural oil/wax combination, and is just shy of 15" in diameter.

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