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What Makes a Ring Unique?

One-Of-A-Kind Design

Every ring we make is unique. We believe every engagement ring should be designed and created just for you. Whether you draw inspiration from rings you've seen or pull together completely original concepts, working with an artist to create your ring makes the result truly personal, truly one-of-a-kind.

Personal Touches

A ring doesn't have to be wild and unorthodox to be unique. Just a bit of personal inspiration can make a simple ring special. A timeless solitaire with a peek-a-boo peridot hidden under the center setting as a nod to an August birthday. Or a few Aspen leaves hugging the solitaire diamond to reflect a formative hiking trip you took together in Colorado. Even the simple choice to set a custom-cut sapphire instead of a diamond can make a classic ring personal.

Style That Stands Out

That's not to say you shouldn't venture a bit farther afield. Be bold and make your ring an unforgettable statement of your individuality. A cluster of hexagon-shaped citrine settings for your beehive ring. A white gold snake delicately gripping black spinel in its gaping maw. Or a loving and geeky nod to your shared love of Dr. Who -- we're pretty sure no one else has an engagement ring with "improbable dreams" carved in Gallifreyan on the shank.

Uniquely Colorful Designs

Diamonds are undeniably beautiful and traditional. But choosing colored gems for your engagement ring can instantly make the design uniquely yours.

Featuring birthstones can make the piece a personal reflection of yourselves or your loved ones. Or a well chosen gem can turn a classic ring into a personal reminder of your love story. A clear caribbean blue aquamarine to reflect your shared love of the sea. An emerald to symbolize your Irish heritage. A deep green tourmaline the color of her eyes.

Bezel set tanzanite in a mixed-metal trinity knot design.
Square aquamarine surrounded by deco-inspired filigree and milgrain.
Marquise-cut emerald set in an antiqued split shank.
Deep blue sapphire center stone with a diamond halo and twisted pave shank.
Five birthstones in this nature-inspired ring set represent the couple and their three chilren.

Uniquely Bold Designs

Your engagement ring should make a statement. And it's entirely up to you what that statement should be. You can declare your modern style with a bold, asymmetrical and angular design. Or create contrast with mixed metals or an unusual pairing of classic elements.

Break all the rules! If you love halos, why not skip the center stone entirely? Beautiful concentric circles of small stones will make an unforgettable statement. Sure, our design consultants will tell you that pearl can be a risky choice for daily wear (it's soft and runs the risk of breaking). But it's your ring, and if you love the look of a halo of half-round seed pearls, go ahead and take the risk!

Modern semi-bezel setting for a round Alexandrite offset by flush and channel set diamonds.
Celtic rope shank design opening into a perfect marquise-cut emerald.
Four elements ring featuring water (blue sapphire), wind (diamond), earth (emerald) and fire (red garnet).
Half-split modern shank with vintage double-claw prong sapphire setting.
Bursting with vibrancy and color, this ring is truly joyful.

Uniquely Personal Designs

You've found each other and you're ready to begin your lives together. As you prepare to enter the next phase, tell the unique story that got you to this point with your engagement ring.

Are you avid gamers or movie buffs? Book lovers or mountain climbers? Marine biologists or medical researchers? Tell your unique love story by incorporating these personal elements in your ring design.

Snitch-inspired ring with white gold wings that pop against a yellow gold shank.
Stunning open flower petals reveal an underlying moissanite in this mythical Elven ring design.
A showstopper aquamarine whimsically set between two seahorses.
The petals of this perfectly sculpted rose cradle a deep red ruby center stone.
Stunning color pairing of deep blue sapphire and royal yellow gold.

Your Unique Inspiration, Our Expertise

You may approach us with a detailed concept you've worked hard to visualize. Or you may have a few style ideas or design elements you'd like to incorporate in your ring. Or maybe you just know you want to design a perfect ring, but you're not sure where to begin. We'll take as much as you give us, and then it's our job to create a beautiful, timeless and unique design to realize your vision.

Our artists pick up from the ideas and style guidance you provide to help transform your concepts into a jewelry-ready design. This is the fun part! Whether it's tastefully augmenting a classic design or creating something non-traditional and completely new, there's an amazing sense of satisfaction in the shared creativity of seeing these concepts come to life.

Take a spin through 12 recent favorites from one of our artists.

"Peas in a Pod" -- Engagement is serious business, but this wonderful seed pearl setting is sure to make her smile.
A whimsical pairing of feathers and amethyst, this ring's contrasts make it all the more memorable, blending modern bezel settings, vintage curves and natural inspiration.
A very modern bypass ring with sharp angles and a uniquely gemotric take on the tradition of three-stone settings.
How do you pair an oval moonstone with a round ruby? Embrace the lack of symmetry and use vintage leaf and vine accents to create a delicate flower sculpture.
"Bee Mine" -- On its own, the engagement ring looks like a geometric play on a three stone setting, but the paired wedding band creates the full (and fun) effect of a citrine honeycomb.
A very deco shape with striking colors and an incredible ruby setting.
Take a classic design, make it exceptionally modern with sharp angles and square gems, and add a surprising twist: unmistakably feminine pink sapphires.
This design transforms a timeless sunburst halo by switching four of the gems to seed pearls and using cabochons in place of faceted rubies.
This delicate, nature-inspired design is all about the checkerboard rose quartz center stone.
Combining three hues of gold and seven birthstones, the bands in this design create an extraordinarily personal floral wreath to decorate a clean, eye-popping center stone setting.
There's so much detail in the vines and flowers in this intricate nature-inspired design.
This delicate and feminine design gives the appearance of a halo unraveled from around the princess cut center stone to create a delicate thread of diamonds on the shank.

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