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Whether it's a proposal, exchanging vows, giving a gift, or commemorating something special, our one-of-a-kind design experience helps you make a personal statement that mass-produced rings can't.

The Custom Experience

Talk About It


Discuss design ideas, options, budget, with a dedicated jewelry consultant - your guide to the custom experience.

Get It Designed


See sketches and concept art designed just for you by our jewelry design team.

See It Come To Life


Visualize your custom ring with high resolution 3D renderings, and we'll adjust every detail until you tell us it's perfect.

Treasure It


Receive your custom piece, with the assurance it's been made to wear and last a lifetime.

Dedicated Service

Our team helps you figure out the details, weigh all the options, and guides you through each step of creating your custom ring.

Personalized Design

Our artists will create a design just for you, and we'll work with you on the details until you say it's just right.


From your design consultants and artists, to our staff gemologists and our experienced jewelers, your project is handled with the utmost precision, care, and knowledge.

Recently Completed Projects

Take a spin through some of our most recently completed designs.

Doug's Band Looking to put a personalized stamp on a classic white gold men's wedding band, this customer provided us with a copy of his bride's fingerprint, which we engraved and accented with black enamel.
Thomas' Band Inspired by the Pleiades star cluster, this sleek platinum band features flush set diamonds and birthstones peridot, aquamarine, and blue zircon.⠀
Mark's Engagement Ring We arrived at a timeless design for this oval morganite engagement ring. After discussing diamonds, we settled on this pairing of rose gold and morganite. Extremely popular today, and we're confident that trend will hold. A really delicate string of 1mm diamonds create the halo and cover the shank. The clean lines of the band and halo give this ring a more contemporary feel.
Isabella's Band Sleek black zirconium band, featuring celtic rope and a trinity knot dragon.

Our design team is ready to work on your idea next.

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Adam's Engagement Ring This engagement ring is designed with a delicate halo of diamonds around a larger center diamond, and tucks it all inside lotus petals. Lots of nature-inspired elements here, including textured bark on the tree branch shank and emeralds in the leaves on each shoulder of the ring.⠀
Jennifer's Bands These matching wedding bands feature the blending of Irish and Scottish symbols of love: the Celtic love knot and Scottish luckenbooth. His band stacks them for a prominent, wide feature. Hers alternates the patterns for a more delicate design. And both use an antique finish that helps the polished design details stand out.
Nathan's Ring This customer came in with very specific elements in mind: two horseshoes with diamond accents, a braided band, a marquise gem, and some way to bring the elements together as interlocking rings.
Andrew's Engagement Ring We love the surprising geometric contrast of princess-cut diamond accents surrounding this half-carat diamond center stone.
David's Class Ring Preferring something less gaudy than the limited selection of his school's rings, this customer opted for a highly detailed signet-style class ring featuring his school's seal, and other personal details.
Anthony's Ring Anthony asked us to help him design the perfect nature-inspired engagement ring for his fiance, featuring leaves and branches/tree roots and emeralds, all in a masculine style. We helped him express those themes in a wide ring, featuring two emerald cut emeralds nestled in between winding branches.⠀
Katherine's Engagement Ring Opal's a bit of a risk for daily wear -- it's softer and more likely to get damaged. But for some, the risk is absolutely worth it!⠀This customer was drawn to delicate, feminine settings in the concept drawings we sketched for her. Her engagement ring uses a secure bezel setting to protect the opal, surrounding it with diamonds in the leafy, white gold shank.
Robert's Ring This big, beautiful statement ring features a swarm of bees creeping up on a honey topaz. We love the way the antique finish helps the bee details and the warm yellow gem pop. A wonderful 25th anniversary present!⠀
Devon's Engagement Ring Inspired by classic vintage elements -- milgrain around the center setting, tapered shank, 3-diamond accent cutouts -- this engagement ring is anything but ordinary with the truly remarkable depth of color in its black opal center stone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work? What does CustomMade do?

CustomMade makes fine jewelry. But what sets us apart from other jewelry stores and websites is that every single piece we make is one-of-a-kind.

To do that, we have a team of jewelry experts and designers that will work with you to design your piece - whether you already know what you want, have a few general ideas, or really don't know where to start.

We also know just how uncomfortable it can be to buy fine jewelry (particularly engagement rings) when you don't know a lot about it. There's an overwhelming amount of information about metals, gems, design styles, comfort, maintenance, and more! To help bridge that gap, we strive to offer the absolute best - and most honest - customer service in the world. There are often many "right" options, so our job is to help you understand all the trade-offs so that you can make a well informed decision. We've done our job right when we help you find the best materials, options, and details for your budget and lifestyle.

Tell us a little about yourself and what you're looking for, and we'll guide you through the process of creating the perfect piece of jewelry - all online, from the comfort of your home.

How long does a project take?

For most customers, a project takes about 4 weeks. That includes discussing your design up front, another 2-3 days to create your design, a few days for revisions (if necessary), around 10 days in production, and a few days to ship it to you. We encourage you to take your time though - there's nothing wrong with asking lots of questions.

If you need your piece completed by a certain date, let us know up front, and we can usually work to accomodate your request. For urgent requests, we offer a rush service that pushes your request to the top of our list and guarantees delivery by a specified date.

Unfortunately, if you need your piece completed in 2 weeks or less, we can't accomodate requests in that timeframe.

How much will my piece cost?

Unlike other jewelers and jewelry stores, each piece of jewelry we produce starts off as a brand new idea. Because of that, it’s difficult to know how much a piece is going to cost without knowing a bit more about the idea you have in mind.

The easiest way to figure out how much your piece will cost is to start a consultation with us and let us know what you're looking for - we can provide an estimate with only a few details.

We're able to produce heirloom-quality custom jewelry for prices that are comparable to what you'd pay for similar quality pieces off the shelf. If you're purchasing a piece of jewelry that you want to last a lifetime (like an engagement ring, anniversary present, or family heirloom), then we offer the opportuntity to have something made just for you for roughly the cost of something that's been mass-produced.

However, custom designing and making every piece one-of-a-kind at such high quality means we can’t offer jewelry at the prices of fast fashion brands.

When do I get to see a design? Do I have to pay first?

After we've gathered details on what you'd like to make, we'll be ready to start designing your piece. We make every effort to make sure we have all your considerations in mind before we start designing.

Before we produce 3D previews of your piece, we require a deposit up front - the deposit goes toward the final cost of producing your piece. Should you decide not to proceed with production of your design, the deposit is partially refundable minus a small amount we retain to cover our designer’s time.

In some cases, we'll create hand-drawn sketches and design concepts to help firm up the design direction for your piece. There is no payment or deposit required for sketch work. We won't ask you to make a payment until you have a clear sense of the design, direction and expected pricing of your piece.

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