Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Alternative engagement rings for the anything-but-boring bride.

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Out Of The Ordinary

You've proudly stood out all your life. How do you make sure your engagement ring stands out too?

It can be as simple as trading out a popular round diamond for a more unique asscher cut, or as complex as creating a one-of-a-kind setting to hold an exceptionally rare alexandrite.

For a symbol as rooted in tradition as engagement rings, you can make them anything but traditional by adding a little bit of your own personality and style.

Unique Gemstones

We've all seen countless white gold solitaire settings with a round diamond center stone. There's a reason these designs are classic and timeless, but ultimately they're not right for you. You're ready to stand out in the crowd.

The center stone is the most prominent feature of your engagement ring, and the easiest way to give your ring a touch of personality.

Distinctive Settings

Your ring can't be found in any display case. Your ring is a reflection of your personality and passions. From skulls to roses, pop culture to abstract sculpture, we believe your ring should feature what makes you unique.

Since each of our pieces is individually designed and made, our artists are free to create original setting designs each and every time, weaving unique elements and details into a ring that suits you perfectly.

Personal Touches

A ring you'll wear for the rest of your life should represent you, your love, and your life together.

By incoporating the symbols and stories that mean the most to you, your non-traditional ring is not just different, it's an extension of you.

Designing Your Engagement Ring with CustomMade

CustomMade designs and makes one-of-a-kind, meaningful engagement rings, inspired by you.

Because each concept our artists create is brand new, every piece we craft is just a bit non-traditional. Whether you already have an idea in mind, or just know you want something unique, we can help bring it to life.

Rings As Rare As Your Love

Break with tradition in subtle or stunning ways. With your distinctive style and our designers' creativity, there's no reason to settle for anything less than your perfect ring.

Get Inspired By Some of Our Recently Completed Alternative Designs

  • Rare Gemstones
  • Remarkable Settings
  • Stylish & Unique
  • Simple & Understated
6.5mm Round Amethyst 10K White Gold, Twisting Celtic Knot Shank
6mm Natural White Opal, 1.5mm Round Moissanites 14K White Gold, Halo, Eternity Band
6mm Natural Round Tanzanite 14K Yellow & White Gold, Bezel Setting
2.6ct Unheated Round Blue Sapphire, 2 4mm Diamonds (G VS2) Platinum, Contempoary 3-Stone Setting
9x7mm Oval Aquamarine 14K Yellow Gold, Seahorse Setting
6.5mm Round Alexandrite 14K White & Rose Gold, Semi-Bezel Setting, Matching Band
Oval White Opal, Green Peridot Sterling Silver, Flower-Inspired Bezel/Prong Combo Setting
4x3mm Natural Emerald-Cut Emeralds 10K White Gold, Sculptural Branch Setting
6mm Round Black Opal, 1mm Round Moissanite 14K White Gold, Rhodium Plating, Milgrain
10mm Round Morganite, 1mm & 3mm Diamonds 14K Yellow Gold, Vining Shank
0.5ct Round Cut Diamond, 1.25mm Round & 2mm Square Diamonds 14K Rose Gold, Split-Shank Dual Band Setting
6mm Round Aquamarine, 4mm Akoya Cultured Pearls 10K White Gold, Milgrain, Butterfly Shank
3mm Round Green Diamond, 1.5mm Round Moissanite 10K Yellow Gold, Three-Stone Prong Setting
3mm Round Moissanite 14K White Gold, Bezel/Prong Combo Setting
4mm Round Turquoise 10K White Gold, Celtic Rope Shank
No Gems 18K White Gold, Intertwining Knot Design

Let Us Tell Your Story

A non-traditional engagement ring represents love and companionship as much as it symbolizes individuality.

We're proud to play a small part in telling the stories of our customers with our alternative engagement ring designs.

Emerson's Engagement Ring

Emerson wanted to surprise his wife with a new ring set. He envisioned something with an organic, flowing style and without the traditional prominent center stone. And most importantly, he wanted a design that would represent his family.

Our concept featured birthstones representing each member of his family, set on a pair of rings inspired by flowing water. For the engagement ring, we nestled ruby and rhodolite garnet pears to represent the married couple. The matching wedding band brought in amethyst and aquamarine to represent the birthdays of their three children. The fluid curve of the bypass shank created the subtle feel of waves washing over the gemstones, a nod to Emerson's naval service.

Rebecca's Engagement Ring

Rebecca came to us with a lofty request: create a ring worthy of the person that made her believe in soul mates.

Starting with her partner's birthstone, we sourced a rare and beautiful alexandrite center stone and set it in a unique two-prong and half bezel setting. The half-bezel fades into twists of white and rose gold that pair with the matching rose gold and diamond band. Mixed metals, asymmetric curves, and style contrasts make this ring wonderfully complex and undeniably beautiful.

Carol's Engagement Ring

To celebrate her first anniversary, Carol was looking for an engagement ring... that didn't look like an engagement ring. She wanted to avoid gold and diamonds, believing high cost took away from the meaning of the ring itself.

We opted to design her rings in argentium silver, a tarnish-resistant silver alloy with the low cost of sterling silver, but less susceptible to oxidization and more suitable for everyday wear. Starting with the traditional three-stone engagement ring and matching band, we steered toward a more angular, modern design to reflect Carol's style. The pink gems brought in a softer tone, made all the more distinctive by the swirling green and pink shades of two mystic green topaz side stones.

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