Custom Entertainment Center With Sliding Doors

This piece kind of bridges the "traditional" / "contemporary" gap in terms of design that I find a lot of customers are struggling with these days.
The most interesting features of this piece from a design and construction standpoint are the sliding doors that conceal the TV when closed and the book cases when open.
Ten years ago when we were building entertainment centers, the TVs were 20 to 22" deep (rear projections) or deeper (CRTs). So, the trend was to use retractable doors that folded and slid back into the cabinet when open.
Nowadays, the TVs are much thinner--just a few inches--so that's not possible unless you still build a 20 to 22" deep cabinet--that eats up way more real estate in the living room than necessary.
I prefer a much shallower depth--as shallow as possible--in the 14 to 16" range at most. So, sliding doors is about the only way to conceal the TV. In this case, we also used magnetic guides, hidden in the doors & body of the cabinet, to keep the doors in the exact open and closed position--and to keep them from rattling around. Inexpensive but a clever solution.

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