Poseidon Marble Statue

Custom Statue of Poseidon
Larger than Life Size
Designed for customer in Florida

material: Marble - color: Hunan White

* Statue Height 84 inches
* Base 4.5 "
* Width: in Proportion
* Length in Proportion
* Total Height: 7.5 feet including bronze Trident
weight: 2200 lbs

Process: a. clay model is hand carved first from pictures of the subject for changes and approval prior to hand carving the statue in the final marble block of material.
b. Protective sylicone finish is applied to clay model to protect & perserve it for sculptur to use for caving.
c. Artisan hand carved the statue out of the final marble material.

Pictures in jpg form are emailed to the customer during all phases of production keeping the customer well informed.

Please email your request for your custom details.

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