Dark Brown Nubuck Leather Bohemian Country Messenger Bag

This handcrafted leather messenger bag is a little bohemian and a little country! The base of the bag along with the strap is made from Nubuck. The flap is a gorgeous dark burnt brown heath with a light sheen to it. The flap closes with suede cord you wrap around large wooden button.

The sides are hand punched and sewn together using suede cord. There is a little fringe dangling on each side of the bag with 3 handmade silver beads from Ethiopia. The fringe is 12.5" long. Very playful!

There is a large pocket on the back is riveted on with brushed metal rivets. And there is small pocket on the inside. As well there is a deep pocket just under flap in order to hold a large cell or mini iPad!

The adjustable strap is 1" wide; 40" at it's shortest and up to 45" long. The strap is detailed with brushed metal rivets.

The bag is 9" wide and 10.5" long

A little info on Nubuck:
Nubuck – Cattle hide leather buffed on the grain side to give a velvety surface. Aniline leather finished by lightly buffing or sanding the grain surface to produce a velvety nap. Nubuck has a much finer nap than suede because the grain layer has a tight fibre. Nubuck is usually a term that refers to top-grain leather that has been sanded or buffed on the grain side (the outside) producing a velvet-like surface. Some of the identifying characteristics of Nubuck are similar to pure-aniline leather - it is very soft to touch. Nubuck is similar to suede, but suede is created from the inner side of a hide while Nubuck is created from the outer side of the hide. Suede is less durable and may become dirty more quickly.

Nubuck is a type of leather with a soft, velvety surface and is some of the most expensive leather to purchase.

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