Clown Playing A Trumpet Statue

Featured here is another of our Decorative Bronze Clown statues. Our wonderful colorful clown is playing a brass trumpet and is sitting on a black box base that is finished like a dice cube.

The statue is created using the Lost Wax Cast Bronze method by our excellent artisans. Our artisans have given great attention to the clown's statue detail of real clown colors.

This charming statue would make a terrific happy fun addition to a variety of places all you need is to be creative. It would touch the heart of any child and adult bringing back the memory of the circus ready to capture your heart!

Material: Decorative Bronze
Patina Finish: Mixed colors

Dimensions in inches:
Width: 18.5 in
Length: 18 in
Height: 31 in

Weight: 55.11 lbs

Please call or email us for a custom size.
Additional Fee: Custom colors
Submit your request for your combination.

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