Gilded Mirror Candle Sconce

The Gilded Mirror Candle Sconce is an original P. H. Miller Studio piece. It is available individually, in pairs and electrified. The sconces are also available with the candle cup and armature gilded as an option.
The Sconce is inspired from the days prior to the convenience of having electric lights when candles and mirrors were used to help illuminate the interior. The frame is made as a sill frame as some of the first frames were made in Europe to mimic the architectural window sills of buildings. Each mirror is made with antique glass and either silver leaf or 12 kt white gold is applied to the back of the glass creating the mirror. The frame is made with Basswood and the surfaces are prepared with gesso and gilders clay or Bole. The gold leaf is applied using traditional water gilding methods and then burnished. The surface is antiqued with slight distress creating a wonderful sense of age and patina. A standard 8 or 9" drip-less taper candle is suggested.
Price as shown $425. Electrified $525 gilded tin add $60.00

Dimensions: 12" wide x 15" high x 5 1/2" deep

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