Glass Nixie Clock In-8-2 Model

Sockets for the Nixie tubes are now standard on the IN-8-2 clock. Socket pins allow solderless replacement of Nixie tubes. The socket pins are very small and do not change the look of the clock. If a tube fails, though, the sockets allow the tube to be easily replaced.

This version of the Glass Clock Large uses the rare Cold War era Soviet IN-8-2 Nixie display tubes. The '5' digit is a normal '5' instead of the upside-down and backwards '2' used in some Soviet tubes for the 5 digit.

The Glass Clock is designed to mirror and complement the Nixie tube's vacuum tube
shape and construction - from the round glass tubes used in the case to the round shapes used in the acrylic support pieces. The case is made out of Simax glass from the Czech Republic, and is hand cut and polished.

This handmade clock, including the electronics and software, is designed and manufactured by Cold War Creations. It is not built from a 3rd party Nixie clock kit.

The circuit board is designed by Cold War Creations, specifically for the Glass Nixie Tube clock, assuring a perfect match to the case design. The circuit board is also designed with micro-miniature surface mount parts, shrinking the size of the board to emphasize the Nixie tubes and downplay the modern circuitry. The CPU has more processing power than the large computers that originally used Nixie tubes! The PCB itself is manufactured in the US by a high quality circuit board house. Board assembly is by Cold War Creations. This newer version now has a 32 MIPS processor in place of the 8 MIPS processor on the older model, and also has 4 times the memory capacity.

The display has many options. Digits can crossfade, slide across, turn off at a programmable time interval, and a light sensor that adjusts the display intensity - the brighter the ambient light, the brighter the Nixie tube display and can also turn off the display when it is dark. Programmable colon modes available. A temperature sensor is also included for displaying the room temperature. Also, each clock is individually calibrated with an Atomic clock module for high accuracy.

New feature: Alarm with programable snooze interval, and can be cancelled with the switches and/or just by turning on a light!

* Displays time, date and temperature.
* New Auto-DST (daylight saving time) adjustment, adjusts the time when DST changes. US/EU/AUSTRALIA zones.
* Special effects: cross fade, slide across, and slot machine effect (these effects take place when digits change, or going from time, date, temperature.
* Programable colon effects: always off, always on, blinking, alternating
* Time can be either 24 hour mode, or 12 hour mode, leading zero or leading blank.
* Programmable date format (mm-dd-yy, dd-mm-yy or yy-mm-dd).
* Temperature can be displayed in Deg F, or Deg C
* Auto display adjust (varies with ambient light levels)
* Programmable Display OFF/ON times.
* Auto display ON/OFF using ambient light level option, display off when dark.
* Keeps time during power outages for at least 12 hours using a super capacitor - no battery to replace, or worry about corrosive leakage.
* Anti-Cathode Poisoning function (extends tube life). Options for once a day, once an hour or once every 15 minutes.
* Standard Sockets for the Nixie's - easy replacement in case of failure.
* Country specific AC adapter included.
* Color instruction manual included.
* Unlike other Nixie clocks, Cold War Creations comes standard with a full 1 year warranty on clock & tubes.
* Also, International orders are accepted - includes proper AC adapter.

Dimensions: 10"x5"x5" (254mm x 127mm x 127mm)

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Made in Duluth, MN

By Cold War Creations


All of our products are handmade
by expert makers.

  • michael V.

    michael V.'s review

    • Jun 15th 2017

    Very nice piece, well done and perfect

  • Keith H.

    Keith H.'s review

    • Mar 28th 2016

    This is the coolest clock ever. Thank you for communicating with me all the way through the build.


  • Dave O.

    Dave O.'s review

    • Oct 1st 2014

    What a clock. I am soo happy. it looks so good in my new office. I was a little worried when I saw that the train what was carrying my package was derailed. When I got the box it was banged up bad. And it was packaged so well no damage came to my clock. It works fine and I am learning all of setting and having fun playing with it. It a big conversation peace when people come in to see me. Thanks for the hard work.

  • Angel L.

    Angel L.'s review

    • Aug 30th 2016

    I love the clock, its beautiful and sleek. I only have one concern with it, its noisy. The design of the clock is aesthetically beautiful, but I really wish that it was sealed better to block the noise from the tubes. Perhaps a clear gasket could be used. Otherwise that, I love the clock its truly original and a great talking piece too.

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