Half Thin Blue And Half Thin Red Line Rustic Charred American Flag

Height: 20 Inches; Width: 37 Inches

***Veteran Made***
Ask About Custom Laser Engraving to personalize your one of a kind flag.

Honor the men and women who proudly serve the Police Force and Firefighters with this rustic American half Thin Blue Line half Thin Red Line Flag. Built from 13 individual pieces of wood glued together and braced on the back with four 1" x 3" boards glued and stapled for added stability.

This American Rustic half Thin Blue Line half Thin Red Line flag is a significant piece that will definitely set off the rest of your decor.

This wooden American half Thin Blue Line Half Thin Red Line flag has been charred black along with a painted half Blue Line half Red Line and natural pine stripes. Each star has been meticulously hand carved. The Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line Stripe has been given three coats of paint and is standing boldly in the center of the flag. It has been charred to lend a distressed appearance.

This one of a kind pictured handcrafted rustic wood flag measures 20" X 37". We offer a total of two sizes to fit all of your needs.

* 13" x 24"
* 20" x 37"

The backside has been charred and ready to hang with 2 D-ring hangers and 60 pound wire for stable mounting.

**Please note due to the wood stripes being burnt completely black there could be some char bleed over onto the blue stripe. Also there may be variations in charring due to lighting as well as variations in the pieces of wood.**

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