Hand Forged Iron Egg Spoon With Hammered Finish Bowl And Wood Finish Handle

Individually hand cut and forged for a forever tool that will be handed down as a unique heirloom.
Bowl has a hand hammered textured finish on the exterior and a smooth interior. The handle has a wood like finish.
The overall length is about 22" with an 18" handle.

Fun for the whole family around the fireplace, wood stove or campfire.
The perfect gift for the foodie who has everything cooking related.

Think of an Egg Spoon as a mini cast iron pan for cooking one or two eggs.
The hand forged bowl portion is about 4.5" in diameter with a 1.375" deep bowl to contain the egg or eggs and oil. It has a food safe finish just like cast iron pans.
The forged handle is long enough to keep your hand away from the heat while cooking, be it a open wood fire or a stove burner.
The two pieces are traditionally riveted together with food safe steel rivets. We rivet the handle to the outside to make less area inside for trapped food and oil.

To cook an egg or two, just add a small amount of butter, bacon fat or oil and swirl to lightly coat interior.
Break an egg and pour into the spoon.
Cook over fire or burner, moving and turning as desired until the egg is done to your preference.
Works very well over open fire, fireplace or gas range. It would probably work with an electric burner, but would heat slower.
Cooking over an open fire adds a nice smoky flavor.

The Egg Spoon is easy to maintain and clean. Treat it just like cast iron.
Wipe clean with a paper towel, use mild soap if necessary, dry and apply a light coating of flax oil, vegetable oil, bacon fat or coconut oil.

The Egg Spoon is also a striking hand forged décor hanging in your kitchen or by the fireplace.
Also great for camping or using at the fire pit, wood stove or chiminea.

Printed instructions for use included.

Contact us for different sizes and variations or other custom request.

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