Hand Made Sheaths

Provide dimensions of your knife by drawing an exact outline of the knife and providing the fallowing.
1. Length of blade from tip to where the handle starts, not just the cutting edge.
2. Width of the blade at its widest point and most narrow.
3. Thickness of the blade.
4. Diameter of the handle at a point one inch above the terminal point of the blade where the handle starts.
5. Total length of the handle.
6. Belt loop orientation, (dangler, cross draw with right or left hand., Right or left side carry….)
7. Color of leather die to use
Specify the style of sheath you want, (sandwich, taco, Scandinavian…) Provide drawing or photo of the type you want, front and back. For Scandinavian style, how many finger widths of the knife handle are to be exposed out of the sheath.
If you choose to send us your knife than we only need items # 6 & 7s above and the style Info outlined above.
Price starts at $60.00 for basic sheaths.

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