Keepsake Box, Cherry, Spherical, 4 Inch

Cherry Hardwood Keepsake Box, 4 inch spherical shape.
Choose felt lining from sample colors or request your own color. Or if you prefer no felt lining.
Choose your finishes; hand-rubbed oil providing a smooth feel and natural appearance,
or a gloss urethane which will enhance the grain.

The round smooth feel in your hands is soothing. Lift the lid and the woodsy fragrance instills the sense of a forested landscape.

Display them on your fireplace mantel, end table, bookcase, dresser or night stand.

Give them as gifts for Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day and Mothers Day. Children love little containers for safe keeping of their treasures.

Collect all three sizes 3, 4 and 5 inch units.

As with all wood products there is great variability. Grain pattern, color, mineral inclusion, small voids etc are natural and add character to the product.

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