Keepsake Box, Spherical, 5 Inch, Maple

Beautiful Maple Hardwood for storing your jewelry or cherished treasures.
Choose felt lining from sample colors or request your own color. Or if you prefer no felt lining.
Choose your finish; hand-rubbed oil providing a smooth feel and natural appearance,
or gloss urethane which will enhance the grain.

This unique precision crafted item appeals to several senses.
First the round shape catches the eye and instills a calming sensation.
The pleasant light maple color is bright and cheerful.
Next the round smooth feel is soothing; no sharp corners or edges.
Lift the lid and the woody fragrance is pleasing to breath in.

The lid has a raised edge bead to aid in lid removal. The lid can be made without this raised edge but rather a smooth lid transition to the lower housing. Lid spherical profile will match the housing. Pedestal base can also be omitted. These changes will render a perfect sphere with only a small flat on the bottom. Keepsake Box is weighted at the bottom to provide stability. Some prefer to have a knob on the lid. There are several styles available. Inquire if interested. A custom order can be made.

As with all wood products there is great variability. Grain pattern, color, mineral inclusion, small voids etc are natural and add character to the product.

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