'Lath' Pendant Lamp // Reclaimed Barn Wood

In our ongoing effort to reuse even the smallest of scraps, the 'Lath' lamp is designed to utilize our board edge cutoffs. This mindful use of waste material creates a unique pendant that casts a warm, ambient light.

Can also be displayed on the floor as a unique light sculpture. Creates great shadows!

This lamp is available in limited quantities based on the scrap materials available.

Choose between a wall plug or ceiling canopy for hard wiring.

• Reclaimed barn wood
• Eco friendly polycrylic finish
• Grounded porcelain socket (UL Listed, Rated Maximum 660W 250V)
• 10' white pendant cord
• White wall plug or white canopy w/ grounded crossbar
• 24"h x 13.75"w x 13.75"d

Each piece of reclaimed lathe is selected and assembled to create a randomized variety of texture and tone. Once assembled and glued, the outside is brushed with a high quality, eco-friendly polycrylic finish.

My family and I spent the better part of a summer in Oregon carefully dismantling my grandfather's 100 year old barn to acquire the beautiful wood featured in many of our original pieces.

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