Marble Surround Fireplace Mantle

Custom Surround Fireplace Marble Mantle

* JPG photos provided by customer (of room and space where mantle will be installed)

* Measurements of area width, height and depth.

* Selection of Marble color confirmed.

* All photos sent via email to customer during process for approval.

1) A Clay Mold is hand carved first for customer's approval and corrections prior to production in hand carved marble.

2) Customers Approval: Marble Final Statue Prior Shipping.

W 80 x D19 x H 55 inches
Hearth: 80 W x 25 D
1,660 lbs

* Material: Clay Mold
* Material: Statue: Beige Marble
Hearth Base: Beige Marble

Location: Living room in Customers Home.

Style: Custom Marble Surround Fireplace Mantle.

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