On Sale Vintage Drive In Movie Theater Light Fixture Sconce Art Deco

I brightened up this sad old drive in speaker with a little glow. They can sit on a surface and provide a little warm light. Would make a nice kitchen/office/shelf night light or an entry way wall sconce. I have a listing for a speaker that is not hard wire ready without the wall plate, that comes with a switch on the front and a plug on the end so you can use is as a stand alone night light or a desk light. They prop up by themselves. The knob is a pewter knob not a plastic cover like the picture.

I can polish them up some or leave them original, or paint them the color of your choice. Painting is $15 extra

I made the art deco wall plate for this sconce the light comes out 6 inches from the wall and there screws and drywall inserts will be included for hard wire

Some of the lights are different most of them are like the one in this picture.

I can polish them up nice and shiny leave them original, or paint them any color.

They also can be mounted to the wall and make really nice wall sconces.

I also have two smaller drive in light fixtures.

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