Patriot Cutting Board Usa Flag Mahogany, Maple, Epoxy Wood End Grain Handmade

Made in the USA by using the finest solid wood, these cutting boards are built for durability. All of our cutting boards come pre-treated with mineral oil. It is recommended that you apply another coat of mineral oil or wax before using the cutting board for the first time. It is built extremely solid for longevity. When cared for correctly, this cutting board will outlast most items in your kitchen. Handcrafted with care and attention. Each of our boards is treated as an individual project. Cutting, planing, sanding every single piece one by one, finishing them to the optimum touch enables us to create the finest quality boards. Four sturdy rubber feet at the corners raise the board off the counter, preventing it from moving around the surfaces and keeping it away from standing water on counters.

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