Flatiron 1.0 Amplified Speaker (Matched Neutral Paint Colors And Hardwoods)

Luxurious handcrafted materials and best-in-class European audio components combine to provide a shockingly dynamic monophonic soundscape. For a more traditional configuration, two Flatiron 1.0 Monos will can be easily hardwired together with full stereo imaging that will "wow" the most ardent audiophile.

• Single coaxial Beyma speaker driver featuring a compression horn tweeter & 6.5" mid-range driver powered by a dedicated 200W ICEpower amplifier

• 24-bit HD DSP (Digital Signal Processing) produces reference quality EQ levels

• Cabinets are made from a sonically neutral MDF wood and painted with a durable automotive satin-finish paint OR oil-rubbed natural hardwoods

• Easy to use "Plug & Play" connectivity to any wireless or wired source module

• Dimensions: Width: 16.25" x Depth: 8.25" x Height: 14.5"

• Allow approximately 6 weeks for custom handcrafted production

— Ultimate Performance to Last a Lifetime —
We design & build our amplified loudspeakers to be intentionally "dumb"— meaning they have NO "smart speaker" hardware or software placed inside them. There is NO built-in "intelligent technology" that eventually will become obsolete. Our speaker series simply combines tried & true high performance speaker drivers with high-powered amplifiers in a perfectly DSP-tuned acoustic audio cabinet.

— Versatile Connectivity & Upgradability —
Each Heinsenfolg loudspeaker is equipped with an industry standard gold-coated 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo jack. — one of the most common types of audio jacks and future-proofed in its simplicity for decades & beyond. Using a standard 1/8" (3.5mm) stereo cable, any analog audio signal can then be directly connected to an infinite number of audio sources including all device's headphone jacks. Each back panel is also equipped with a retro-classic Les Paul guitar speed knob for maximum versatility over volume levels.

Here are a few audio sources you can connect to our lifestyle speakers:

• Amazon ECHO Dot or Flex (it turns our lifestyle speakers into voice-activated Alexa-enabled smart speakers)

• Auris BlueMe HD Bluetooth Streamer (play music directly from any mobile device using the highest quality bluetooth 5.0 codec available)

• Sonos PORT (it connects our lifestyle speakers to your existing Sonos system or can stand alone)

• Television (play music or any audio directly from the RCA or headphone jack)

• Smartphone or Tablet (Apple products may require Lightning or USB-C adaptor)

• Audio Receiver (bypassing the receiver's amplifier section, play music directly from the RCA jacks)

• Turntable / Record Player (play music directly from the output jack)

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