Ooak Spirit Of The Ancients Cleansing & Protection Shamanic Spirit Doll© 2013

This unique one of a kind Spirit Doll is hand crafted by Aziza.©

Ooak Spirit of The Ancients Cleansing & Protection Shamanic Spirit Doll© was born out of Nature and is filled with Cotton, Herbs, Roots, Powders and Salts to both Cleanse and Protect. Use this special Spirit Doll for yourself or on behalf of a loved one; whispering the matter, issues or concerns that need to be addressed. Offer your prayers to Spirit as the Divine hears all and answers all.

This Spirit Doll is but a vessel for ritual as you are able to release that which burdens you into her and she will assist you by cleansing and protecting you as you heal from the inside out.
Bringing Clarity to Spirit, Mind, Body and Soul gives great relief and helps with total overall balance and well-being.

Spirit doll is Reiki attuned with the Power, Protection and Healing symbols.

Ooak Spirit of The Ancients Cleansing & Protection Shamanic Spirit Doll© Contains the following:

• Reiki is a frequency of energy that heals on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The source of this energy, also called Universal Life Energy, is the creative force of the universe. Most people call this force God/Goddess/Allah/Jehovah/Spirit etc. It cannot be guided by the mind, therefore it is not limited by the experience or ability of the practitioner. Neither can it be misused as it always creates a healing effect.

• Cotton - Natures natural material for balance.

• Contains Herbs, Roots and Powders used for blocking negative energy, stop evil works, stop gossip, protection, good luck, purification, cleansing, commanding power, protection of home and family, gain personal mastery, success,and dispelling all negative energies around you as it serves as a protective shield. Also contains Herbs, Roots and Powders for spiritual rites of all kinds, power enhancer, ward off evil, money, love and home cleansing & protection, cancels jinxes and to draw business if you are a business owner.

• Skull represent the Ancestors and the Ancients.

• Gemstones - Onyx - Protection, stopping nightmares, protection while traveling, protection in the home, connect with the Ancients. Tigers Eye - Luck, money, success, protects from the evil eye, protects against psychic verbal or mental attacks, use in prosperity rituals, keep in the money pot and add a coin every day. Keep the pot in a warm place to incubate wealth. Protection from psychic vampires. Clear Quartz - amplifies any innate psychic, magical or healing power and is traditionally used to increase the power of prayer, especially for healing. Hematite - Reflect back negativity, protection, one of the most powerful healing stones, balance, banish fears, grounding. Used for all forms of psychic self-defense and home protection.

• Bells - The Ancestors

• Mixed beads - Grounding/Mother Earth

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Made in Statesville, NC

By One Spirit LLC


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