Steampunk Intuition Leather Mask

Dr. Banfield knew that the key to good science was to hypothesize well. Looking for a way to enhance his already sizeable intellect, he incorporated a small steam pulse generator, powered by a Banfield Steam Battery, into this unique mask. The generator sent pulses through the brain, enhancing the connection between the amygdala and the neocortex. He hoped to bring harmony to these emotional and logical elements of the brain to enhance his own savy scientific instincts.

Alas, it only gave the poor Doctor and his long-suffering male assistant a headache. Deeming the mask to be a failure, Banfield called in Ms. Areen, the maid on duty to dispose of the device. She appreciated the beauty of the mask, noticing how the pulse generator resembled flowers and trees.

"Of course they resemble a garden!" Banfield snapped back. "This device was to inspire the ever fertile garden of the mind! But it is a complete failure," he said, clutching his head. "Now please bring me a pain relieving tonic."

However, on her way to the medicine cabinet, Ms. Areen paused and examined the mask, carefully placing it on her head. As the generator began to engage, her head was filled with the most wonderful thoughts and new emotions. She ran back to the good doctor to inform him that his mask was a wonderful success!

Areen explained quickly with great excitement, "The generator had nothing to do with bridging the gap between the amygdala and neocortex! In fact, because the female's brain does not have as strong a barrier between these two constructs, a woman, the mask's unfortunate head-splitting headache side effect was nullified! Rather, the pulses generated by the mask reduce the activity in the prefrontal cortex, the area of the brain used in critical, or, in this case, self-critical thought! By adding a variable speed regulator to the gear regulator, this mask should be able to suppress anyone's self critic of any gender or brain composition."

"Remarkable!" Banfield said from his throbbing head. "Where did you get these wonderful ideas?"

Areen smiled, "I think I always had thoughts like these... I just never had the courage to say them." Areen's ideas continued to emerge through an effortless feeling of flow. Then, feeling a strong urge of wanderlust, Areen turned in her resignation to embark on her own adventures.

Now you, too, can silence your self critic and find your own adventure in this sexy, half-face leather costume mask designed for action and long-wearing comfort. This leather mask enhances every part of the face from the jawline to the cheekbones and eyebrows. Each leather mask is shaped and painted by hand (well, painted by a brush wielded by an actual human hand). The leather mask has some flexibility, but will not lose its form as the leather has been fixed in shape by liquid acrylic.

Each leather costume mask is made from one piece of 4 to 5 oz. vegetable-tanned top-quality leather, low v.o.c. eco-friendly acrylic paint, and attaches with 3/32" elastic cord. This leather mask is painted in a variety of metallic colors and secures to the head with an adjustable black elastic cord.

This leather mask is ready to be shipped. It will be shipped in a box, securely packed.

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Made in Chicago, IL

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