Walnut Tripod Floor Lamp

This is a wood lovers lamp, designed around elegance and balance each tapered leg intersects at the top in a specially designed interlocking joint. Each leg is cut from specially selected 2 inch thick solid walnut slabs. This ensures the color and figure in the wood is uniform but still unique to the lamp. The thickness in the legs allows for rich grain patterns, knots and unique color variations to run up, down and around each leg. One leg is cut with a groove for the cord to run down and come out through the bottom. The legs are finished with a hand wiped varnish.

We use nickel plated brass hardware with a single turn switch rated up to 250 watts. The lamps come with an 8" harp but other sizes are available, the sockets are also uno threaded for uno lamp shades. We use 2-wire twisted cloth covered cords ending in a black plug.

Our standard dimensions are: floor to top of base 58" / spread between legs at base 11".

We are happy to accommodate custom requests; wood type, cord color, finish, hight and hardware styles.

**shade not included**

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