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Lavender engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite lavender flower engagement rings

Updated August 4, 2022

Love is blooming

While we are no strangers to seeing flowers incorporated into bridal sets, we love when couples include unexpected blooms like lavender in their engagement rings! Lavender’s purple blossoms represent purity, calmness, grace, and serenity: all things that we hope marriage will bring to our lives. As you vow to be your partner’s peace during life’s most hectic moments, think about commemorating your promise with a lavender-inspired ring.


The first ring in our lineup takes a literal approach to the lavender theme with four oval amethysts coming together to form a deep purple bloom at the center of the ring. Notice how the rounded yellow gold prongs give shape to the flower’s core, and the lab-created diamond and emerald accents provide color and contrast. There’s even some leafy engravings added inside the band to tie it all together!


A more delicate take on the theme, this ring takes inspiration from the lighter lilac hues you might find in freshly opened lavender blossoms. Don’t you just love that rosy amethyst in the bezel that sparkles with notes of pink and light purple? We think the darker amethysts making up the stems of tiny buds that stretch across the rose gold band adds a subtle touch of even more purple.


It’s the fine details on this ring that make it so unique! The petal design on the yellow gold band helps tie the whole floral theme together, and the lilac sapphire accents below the center opal create a stalk of bright lavender. The stones look like they’re swaying in the breeze, and peep that accent diamond that brings a touch of brilliance to the overall look!


And now for a darker take on a lavender-inspired ring! This one features a vibrant, lab-created alexandrite surrounded by a bouquet of purple amethyst accents. Their deep blue and purple tones look mesmerizing against the yellow gold band filled with tiny floral buds. This regal ring is fit for any lavender-loving queen.


The next ring on our list boasts both brilliance and deeper toned shine. The lab-created diamond sits in a shimmering halo, and accent diamonds creep down the white gold band to form two stems. These graceful vines hold the center stone in place, and their blossoms consist of five purple amethysts on each side.


The last ring in our lineup takes a more subtle nod to the lavender theme. The misty white opal and brushed vines that make up the band give the design an earthy vibe, and a glance at the ring’s profile reveals tiny lavender stalks alongside the center stone for a bit of floral flair.

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