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Emerald cut center stone engagement ring designs

Some of our favorite engagement rings with emerald cut center stones

Updated September 19, 2022

You hear emerald engagement rings and probably think of the lush green gem, but did you know emerald can also refer to a cut as well?

The parallel and perpendicular mirror-like facets in a rectangle shape immediately give a majestic air to any center stone. Think house of mirrors facets in the stone (not to be confused with a cushion cut rectangle, which has the same shape but a crushed ice kind of faceting instead of parallel. The more you know!) Our couples love this elegant cut and use it for engagement rings featuring a whole array of different center stones. Prepare to go from classy and traditional to artistic and original!


This lab-created, emerald-cut yellow sapphire is giving big royalty vibes. We love the mixing of the bright color of the stone with a diamond pave band to really make that yellow POP. Diamond accents flower on the side of the sapphire, blending right into the rest of the accents on the white gold band, making this engagement ring the absolute definition of class.


Love is in the details; this couple knew it when they came up with their one-of-a-kind engagement ring. An emerald-cut moissanite sits in the center of a rose gold setting held by double claw prongs for a regal look. We also engraved 7/4 inside the rose gold band, a special date for the couple. The final touches? An aquamarine peekaboo on the gallery!


An emerald cut on an actual emerald is a thing of beauty! The deep green in this stone exudes pure luxury and elegance. The minimalist band in timeless yellow gold and claw prongs add a touch of royalty to the ring’s design allowing the emerald to do all the talking. Turn the engagement ring to the side and you’ll see a hidden diamond halo for a secret touch of flare!


This couple wanted to keep white stones at the focus of the bride-to-be’s bridal set, but that doesn’t have to mean boring! An emerald cut moissanite sits in the center, and moissanite, tanzanite, and sapphire accents make the halo and pave on the white gold band. Even though moissanite is the protagonist of this ring, the whole design has us singing Ice, Ice, Baby.


Since we’re on the topic of singing, this ring has us vibing to Purple Rain! This couple had an eye for vintage glamor, so this Art Deco inspired engagement ring was perfect for them. The rich purple of the amethyst becomes even more alluring thanks to the emerald cut, it looks almost like stained glass from the 1930s. The curvy, mixed metal white and yellow gold band intertwines to bring some organic movement to the designs, and diamonds pave their way down the sides.


Diamonds get the emerald-cut treatment! The result? A majestic piece with a bezel east-west setting. To make this engagement ring truly one-of-a-kind, we changed the orientation of the emerald cut diamond from a typical north-south to east-west (we know, we do rings, not compasses!), making this ring daring, almost avant-garde, just like the bride's personality. Baguette cut diamond accents hug the center stone in a yellow gold band to seal the modern feel of the ring.


Here’s a ring for a truly badass bride, with tiny skulls flanking the sides of the emerald cut ruby. This bride-to-be wanted a Victorian style with a vibrant ruby as a center stone mounted on a white gold band. Overall, this ring screams Bad Romance (yes, another music reference).


This last ring in our lineup is an ode to love and femininity in the form of morganite. Its light pink hue contrasts with the perfect parallels of the emerald cut. The rose gold band complIments the color of the center stone and is the perfect base for the marquise cut diamond accents in the form of floral emblems of Waratah and Bluebonnet, signature flowers of the home countries of the couple.

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