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Six of Our Favorite Owl Engagement Rings

Updated May 10, 2020

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

These rings are a hoot!

A classic symbol of wisdom. A majestic and powerful creature. A messenger for the wizards and witches of Hogwarts. There are a lot of reasons to love owls, and we've been asked to feature them in quite a few engagement rings. We've rounded up six of our favorite owl ring designs below.


For the woman who is "absolutely obsessed with owls," we designed this ring with an emerald center stone. Around the eye-catching sculpted owl center setting, the band plays up the theme even more by creating elegant curves out of white gold feathers.

Why emerald? He told us that her favorite color is green, and there's nothing as popular as emerald among green gemstones. The owl's wings create a naturally protective setting for the lab-created emerald, which will help keep it safe for a lifetime of daily wear.


This is one of our design team's favorites for subtle theme rings. If this wasn't on a page full of owl engagement ring designs, you likely wouldn't notice right away that the beautiful rose gold filigree on the ring's shoulders is actually a pair of owls! With black diamond accents creating stark contrast, and a tiara-inspired wedding band, this vintage-inspired design is just stunning, and holds a little secret for the owl-loving recipient.


This customer told us that his special someone particularly liked swirling, elegant bands ("as long as they aren't overdone") and blue sapphires and owls. The look our team came up with balances all these details, setting a heart shaped sapphire as the center stone between white gold wings. The swirling of the band beyond it comes from the use of delicate vining filaments of white gold, adding a beaded texture to one of the threads, and keeping the curves organic (rather than perfectly symmetrical). A perfect blend with the natural owl theme at the center.


This ring's design tucks the owl detail where she can look at it every day, but others likely wouldn't spot it unless she chose to show them. From the top, it's a classic — shimmering, partially translucent white opal in a halo of sparkling diamonds, set in the classic warmth of a gold shank.

But turn the ring and look just underneath the halo — framing the basket setting, its wings spread majestically, an owl completes the look on either side.


This design goes all in on bright color combinations. Starting with the clean backdrop of a natural, vining white gold shank, the center setting combines diamonds, yellow sapphire, and emerald to create a vibrant owl setting. And this customer liked the idea of highlighting the talons by creating them in a contrasting rose gold and having them interlock with a wedding band when the time was right.


Here's an earthy, natural take on an owl theme. The shank is textured and curved to resemble a bark-covered tree trunk with branches opening up toward the center setting. The two owls on each side mirror each other, creating a bypass-style setting around the center stone. Look closely at the owls and you'll see we've designed them to look like a barn owl and an elf owl, to represent the couple. Black opal feels like the perfect choice at the center, with its vibrant color play shimmering across its surface, echoing the colors you might spot among the feathers, leaves and branches of the forest. And, in the talons of each owl, we've set a cognac-colored diamond this couple provided from an heirloom pair of earrings — a perfect added bit of earthy detail, and a great personal connection to bring into the new ring.

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