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Deathly hallows inspired engagement ring designs

Our favorite engagement rings inspired by the deathly hallows symbol from Harry Potter

Updated October 6, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

True love never dies

Looking to enchant your fiancé with a magical ring? Like the mythical items that make up the deathly hallows, these bewitching engagement rings have an air of whimsy and wizardry. We hope they cast a spell on you like they did on their lucky owners.


Right on theme, we’re starting dark with our first deathly hallows inspired engagement ring. In the center, notice how the stunning multi-faceted jet-black onyx looks like a familiar hallow? Yup, Kat wanted her center stone to resemble the death-defying resurrection stone. She also requested two familiar phrases engraved in the band: “After all this time” and “Always,” signifying that true love persists even after death.


Now here's an engagement ring worthy of a Ravenclaw bride. Mathias shared a stately Renaissance raven as inspiration for his Harry Potter-loving Ravenclaw fiancé’s ring. So, we kept some of that old-world spirit in the Celtic-style tangles interlacing up the rose gold band to the regal ravens in the ring’s shoulder. Not to be outdone, we designed the ravens and the hallows-inspired symbol in the ring’s gallery to all point to the true centerpiece, the stunning deep blue lab-created sapphire.


Everybody loves a good secret. Some even have a whole chamber-full! Our bride-to-be has a dainty deathly hallows tattoo and wanted some of that magic in her ring too. Look closely and you’ll notice those tell-tale triangles hidden on either side of the light purple Madagascar sapphire center stone. One more secret hides in the white gold band of this bridal set’s engagement ring: the word “Always”, an homage to a deep and secret love.


Expecto patronum! Who doesn’t need a lucky charm sometimes? This fortunate fiancé will always have hers around her finger. Brandon wanted an engagement ring with vintage charm, so we placed the moissanite center stone in a prominent deathly hallows-resembling setting. Turn the ring to its side and you’ll notice the engraved buck antlers on the rose gold band, an homage to Harry’s protective patronus charm. Our creative groom has certainly found the Gryffin-door to his fiancé’s heart.


Gold and green are fit for a Slytherin queen. Shawn’s engagement ring for his bride-to-be features two hallows inspired symbols on either side of the center stone. But what we love most of all is how the brilliant lab-created emerald is supported by two Snitch-inspired designs in yellow gold. Just don’t let this ring fly away or it’ll be as hard to catch as a bride’s bouquet!


Our next ring is traditional with a twist. Our couple kept it classic with a sparkling cushion cut moissanite on a slender rose gold band. But underneath the glamor, in the gallery of the ring, our groom Eric wanted subtle signs of his fiancé’s love for Harry Potter and Beauty and the Beast. On one side of the gallery sits a hallows inspired symbol and on the other, an enchanted rose. Like Belle and her Beast, we wish our couple their own happily ever after.


Blue and platinum make a cool combination in our lineup’s final engagement ring. We think the string of sapphires surrounding the trillion cut diamond center stone make for an unusual but appealing presentation. In the gallery, we included a hidden deathly hallows inspired symbol. Also, our couple loves nature so we also sculpted the platinum band into a tangle of leaves with diamond accents. We think it looks di-vine!

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