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Golden Snitch inspired engagement ring designs

Our favorite Golden Snitch inspired engagement rings

Updated August 4, 2022

The greatest catch of all

How many love stories began with a mutual love of a certain boy wizard, magic and Quidditch? These Golden Snitch inspired rings are so special, you might even say they’re magical. Inspired by the golden orb that was so valuable it could only be caught by one player to end the entire game, these rings celebrate making the greatest catch of all: your future spouse.


Our first Golden Snitch inspired engagement ring has a beautiful rose-cut moissanite center with delicate white gold wings on either side. The yellow gold bezel setting presents the stone as a perfect golden ball in the center of the wings. You can almost see this ring come to life and fly away!


At first sight you might miss it, but turn this stunning moonstone ring with diamond accents on its side and you’ll glimpse the magic. A tiny peekaboo Golden Snitch hides on the gallery of this engagement ring. The hidden nod to the precious winged orb is a subtle, personal touch and allows the beautiful stones above to shine in the spotlight.


You might take a first look at our next ring and think it is an antique family heirloom: a lab-created center diamond flanked by two perfect white opals on a filigree-style band. Look closer and you’ll notice a sneaky Snitch-inspired design acting as a secondary band above the diamond. This engagement ring is further personalized by the heart-warming inscription “Always” on the inside of the white gold band.


We love this beautiful moissanite ring. The sparkling round-cut stone speaks for itself in its beauty, but the subtle personalization sits in the Golden Snitch inspired yellow gold band: a Snitch on either side with the wings making up the ring’s shoulders. The magic of this engagement ring is hidden in plain sight.


How stunning is this orange-red Mozambique garnet! The unique floating setting includes two rose gold Snitch inspired shoulders that barely touch the oval stone, giving the illusion of flight and serious magical vibes. Ten points to this creative couple!


You could lose time searching for all the personalizations in this amazing engagement ring. The stunning, airy Swiss blue topaz is a unique take on Golden Snitch inspired design. The white and yellow gold band is made of up majestic wings and a spectacular Slitherin snake, seamlessly blending two personalities into a gorgeous engagement ring design.


Subtlety is the name of the game here. A fine wing is engraved on either side of the intricate rose gold band of this ring. The show-stopping round lab-created emerald sits within a moissanite halo, with the wings almost a secret for the engaged couple alone. If you know, you know!


A tiny ball and two beautiful expanding wings make up the band of our final Golden Snitch inspired engagement ring. A very light trillion-cut aquamarine takes center stage with black spinel accents in a semi-halo. Two stars complete this design making the ring as special and unique as the couple it celebrates.

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