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Baguette cut engagement ring designs

A handful of our favorite engagement rings with baguette cut center stones

Updated June 8, 2023

The loaf of your life

It’s the picture of romance: a blanket on a grassy field, your lover by your side, an envy-inducing view of the Eiffel tower, a bottle of French wine, and of course a baguette (cut engagement ring)! Our couples were swept off their feet by the romance of this sophisticated center stone cut. They found the simple geometry just divine and those striking flashes from the step cut facets oh so elegant. And we couldn’t agree more.


Our first engagement ring is a crossover, featuring a baguette cut alexandrite squeezed between two tapered baguette cut diamonds. We love the simple geometry of the three-stone center setting on the thick yellow gold band. Cross our hearts, you won’t find any other engagement ring quite like this one.


It’s lucky this baguette cut diamond is securely placed in a four-prong setting. Otherwise, it might be as moved as we were by this romantic setting. Brushed in a lush rose gold, the curving lines of the bridal set elegantly frame the solitaire center stone. Megan was blown away by her fiancé’s one-of-a-kind representation of his love, and we can’t help feeling swept up in the romance, too!


Pop! Flash! Jesse’s bride-to-be got the celebrity treatment with her sparkly engagement ring. The baguette cut diamonds gleam like camera lights from almost every direction, as they’re bar-set side-by-side in three different angles. The handful of brilliant cut diamonds gracing the ring’s shoulders add even more glitz and glamor on the “silver screen” of the white gold band.


Julien and his fiancée have graduated to the next phase of their relationship, as we can plainly see in their engagement ring. An arrangement of bar-set baguette diamonds stands in a graduated setting, the largest center stone flanked by its smaller siblings on either side. To offset the angular engagement ring gems, the matching wedding band adds a feminine curve and a splash of little round diamonds.


Sometimes, life is all sunshine and rainbows! This engagement ring features a whole rainbow of bar-set baguettes: baguette cut amethyst, alexandrite, tourmaline, peridot, and sapphire. Brent originally wanted a white gold band but ultimately changed his mind. After all, how could he pass up that rich yellow gold, like a tropical sun glittering through the rainbow of gemstones.


Let's round out our list with one last engagement with more yellow gold goodness. Angel gave us her vision of a four stone setting, so our designers raised hers high above a yellow gold band. The pure white of the colorless baguette cut moissanites scintillates as it sits at the right hand of the round center moissanites, with another at the left. It's simple, elegant, beautiful, and in a word, angelic.

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