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Toi et moi engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite two-stone engagement rings

Updated July 6, 2022

Toi et moi rings are quickly becoming all the rage when it comes to engagement rings, and it’s easy to see why! Toi et moi is French for “you and me,” and the gemstones in these settings sit side by side, embracing each other like a married couple. These gemstone pairs often come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, representing each couple’s uniquely beautiful love story.


The spicy color combination of these gems proves that opposites attract. The salt and pepper diamond has a deep, dark beauty, but the white opal’s flashes of rainbow color brighten it right up. Set on a knife edge platinum band that lets the stones speak for themselves, they’re a perfect match!


Couples can personalize toi et moi rings by adding a pop of color to their designs. In this ring, the pear-shaped diamond leans comfortably against an emerald, and the green stone’s step cut gives it a mirror-like shine when compared to the diamond’s sparkle. The yellow gold band really brings things together with a bright, sunny glow.


Unlike our last example, this ring combines blue hues to produce a very royal effect. Another pear-shaped diamond leans in towards its blue sapphire partner, which brings out the diamond’s icy sparkle. This couple went for a soft yellow gold band that provides a subtle, warm tone to the otherwise cool color combination.


There’s also nothing wrong with an all white gem display, like the dual diamonds in this toi et moi ring. The pear and emerald cut stones’ contrasting cuts bring out the best in each other, just like a married couple! The white gold setting brings it all together by highlighting their colorless sparkle.


In addition to combining stone cuts and colors, you can mix and match setting details for a one-of-a-kind ring. While both gemstones in this ring are diamonds, they couldn’t look more different thanks to their varied setting styles! This couple opted for a prong setting for their pear-shaped diamond, but their oval stone features a yellow gold bezel.


Another regal white and blue combo, this ring has a lab-created, trillion cut diamond and a pear-shaped sapphire. Both shapes point upward, resembling a newly engaged couple looking toward their bright future together. And we can’t forget to mention that yellow gold band, which brings out the flashes of color in both stones.


Instead of a colorful gemstone, this couple chose a white pearl to pair with their trillion-cut diamond. Isn’t it amazing how the glowing surface of the pearl enhances the intense sparkle of the diamond? We also love the tiny accent diamonds on the white gold band that float around both center stones.

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