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Moon and stars engagement ring designs

Updated August 23, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

"I love you to the moon and back"

There are few things more romantic than a sky full of stars and a brightly shining moon. The moon has long been a symbol of love, longing, and devotion. No matter where you are, you can look at the moon and know your loved one will see it too. Poets write of star-crossed lovers and we talk about connections that are written in the stars. It’s no surprise that the stars and moon are a popular inspiration for engagement rings — here are some of our favorites.


The moon and its devotion to the Earth could be the greatest symbol of love we know. Our first engagement ring captures the relationship perfectly with a moissanite-studded crescent moon hugging the center emerald that reminds us quite a bit of Earth. The white gold band is offset, creating a wave-like effect, and is embellished with delicate leaves.


We love all the hidden details in this moon and stars inspired ring. The stunning center amethyst, which is considered to enhance the calming energy of the moon, is heart-shaped! Set with dramatic double-prongs, the amethyst hides a lover’s secret on the basket setting’s profile. Four diamond accent stars circle the gallery and the twisted rose gold band is covered with shooting stars.


Heart-shaped stones are a popular choice for moon and stars inspired rings! This time we have a dazzling pink sapphire center stone set in white gold with a crescent moon at its base and a shining star on either side. The gently swirling shoulders of the band bring to mind tranquil waves and delicate clouds… or maybe something a little more mysterious.


This stunning ring holds an entire galaxy! A princess-cut teal blue diamond sits high above a total of eight stars! Two constellations make up the shoulders of the ring with each shimmering star holding either a black or colorless diamond accent. A peekaboo crescent moon sits under the gallery, made up of four round white opals.


A stunning princess-cut lab-created center diamond is nestled between two pink tourmaline hearts at the front of this ring. The yellow gold twisted band is made up of lab-created diamond accents and rolling waves. Our favorite part? The peekaboo star and moon etching, of course!


This captivating marquis-cut red Mozambique garnet is the perfect stone for a romantic moon and stars inspired engagement ring. Set in a white gold band, the center stone is held by a crescent moon and star on either side. The whole group is surrounded by sparkling diamond accents. Paired with the matching wedding band, this design has us moonstruck!


Our last ring has us talking to the moon and wishing upon a star! This stunning round-cut moissanite engagement ring is a subtle nod to the fairy-tale magic of the night sky. The yellow gold band of the ring is delicately decorated with a repeated moon and stars motif. But once the “I do’s” are said, we turn the magic up! The matching wedding band is encrusted with moissanite accents and a crescent moon. Truly a match made in heaven!

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