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Heart cut center stone engagement ring designs

Some designs we love featuring engagement rings with heart cut center stones

Updated November 17, 2022

A piece of my heart

The heart: it’s the ultimate symbol that says “I love you”. You see it everywhere from text messages to Valentine’s Day paraphernalia, and now it even takes center stage as the main stone in engagement rings! Couples have been using it to represent their mutual affection for hundreds of years while jewelers have been perfecting its gemstone cut since the 1400s. We say, why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your finger? Check out this collection of heart cut center stone engagement rings to see how our loved-up couples poured their hearts out into their own rings.


Let’s kick off this list with an engagement ring crafted for a couple of star-crossed lovers. Four rose gold prongs secure the heart cut amethyst, set on a dramatic split shank band. Not only did Ben get his and his bride-to-be, Veronica’s, initials engraved on the inside of the band, but he also added their zodiac constellations on the outside of the band! Take a look and you’ll see the stars arranged in Virgo and Taurus. Stellar!


If you have a heart cut gemstone, why not add even more love and highlight it with a halo? Richard had a heart-to-heart with our designers and they decided on a rose gold band to warm up Janine’s iced-out engagement ring. For maximum sparkle, a spray of diamonds decorates the halo, the dainty band, and even the matching wedding ring.


You might need cold hands to handle the warm heart in this engagement ring! A heart cut pink tourmaline glows next to a tasteful arrangement of diamond accents. You can’t go wrong with a tapered band like the one in this ring, as it highlights the center setting and imparts a classy touch. Our groom-to-be, Michael, added one final element to this ring: the word “Pinkien” inside the band, which is a combination of his and his fiancée’s names in Genshin Impact, a video game they both play and hold dear to their hearts.


We tripped and fell…heels over head in love with this dancer’s engagement ring! Joe and his fiancée love dancing, so our designers worked crisscrossing shoe laces into the rose gold band. A v-prong protects the bottom of the morganite heart, so this bride-to-be can dance the night away without worrying about damaging her ring, or breaking her heart.


Love is in full bloom in this engagement ring. A blossoming lotus basket embraces the vibrant heart cut emerald stone at the center of this glittery ring. Pavé-set diamonds fall over the white gold band, adding a delicate touch to this sophisticated ring.


For the queen who reigns over her heart, Quamaria was inspired to bring this sparkling beauty to life. Lines of pavé-set diamond accents slink into the center setting that houses a petite, heart cut diamond. Raised dot accents in the gallery and along the band add a touch of vintage mystique to the ring. We know you can’t see the secret heart-melting inscription inside the band, but we thought it was the perfect note to round out this list: “you’re my happily ever after”.

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