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Birthstone Rings

September Birthstone Rings

Get inspired by September's birthstone — sapphire

Updated June 11, 2020

This article is part of our Birthstone Rings series, where we share the beautiful and varied ways our customers have featured birthstones in their rings.

September's birthstone — sapphire

We don't like to play favorites, but it's too late — we've admitted on more than one occasion that sapphire is our favorite colored gemstone. September birthdays have it pretty good! Their birthstone is a classic, it's one of the most durable gems, and it's available in an incredible array of colors.

Sapphire earns an "Excellent" wearability rating. You can expect to wear it every day and pass it down to the next generation. It's mined all over the world in every shade of its most recognizable blue, as well as an incredible range of other colors. And lab-made options are available for those with a more constrained budget. There's little we need to do to sell this all-time favorite, so here are just a few sapphire rings to whet your appetite.

Blue sapphire rings

This first one is among our favorite sapphire birthstone rings. It's a mother's ring, though some would call it a push present, designed to celebrate the birth of this couple's first child. She was due in September, and he made the ring in advance, so I guess we should be thankful that the baby didn't come too early or too late! The design uses marquise cut blue sapphires and a princess cut center, arranged in a rose gold snowflake setting. Bold and beautiful!

This vintage-inspired look has an open band comprising beaded swirls of white gold. The open spaces around these delicate curls of filigree give the ring a lighter feel, even as the wide band gets wider as it meets the large, cushion cut, blue sapphire.

Can you tell that this sapphire was made in a lab? It's chemically identical to the other sapphires on this page, and they all look beautiful. The biggest difference with lab-created gems is that they're consistently eye clean and have a bit less variation in the available colors. This marquise cut sapphire is set in a bypass ring inspired by the style of her mother's engagement ring.

This ring's sunflower setting uses a round blue sapphire center stone and alexandrite and emerald in a halo around it. The vines and branches on the side support the nature theme inspiring the design. But look closely at the vining details on the side of the ring: did you notice the buck and doe in the weaving strands of gold?

Also nature-inspired, but this design takes a delicate, minimal approach to the same thematic content. A few pretty leaves with beaded edges and marquise diamonds set on the delicate strands of the band. And in the center: an open, oval blue sapphire with just a hint of secondary violet hue to it.

Sapphire in other colors

There are so many wonderful sapphire colors, we'll just encourage you to read our article on that topic to get your fill of examples. We'll just show off two here. This first one sets a vivid, pink sapphire at the heart of a lotus setting's many layers of petals. Orchid and cherry blossom are incorporated in the band to add to the ring's floral bouquet.

And here's a perfect purple sapphire. This one has an open but vivid lilac color. It's a pear cut in the center of a contemporary engagement ring with twisting rose gold strands and small diamond clusters to add sparkle around it.

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