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Fantasy engagement ring designs

Updated August 24, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Fantasy worlds brought to life

Calling all witches, vampires, fae, mages, and other fantastical beings: this one’s for you! Getting married to the love of your life seems like a dream come true to many, and so it’s no surprise some couples like to incorporate their love of fantasy into their engagement ring designs. Whether it’s a love of magic and epic battles or a fascination with mythical beasts, we’ve helped couples create their dream fantasy-inspired rings with imagination and detail at the heart of each setting.


The glowing red spinel and matching accent stone in this ring are gems fit for Lady Arwen herself (any Lord of the Rings fans out there?!). This couple wanted a tiara-inspired set including a wedding band that fits perfectly against the inverted pear center stone. Take a moment to appreciate the delicate knots our designers helped come up with on the yellow gold bands that bring the look together and the fantasy to life.


We worked with this clever couple to bring a fearsome dragon to life–cast in white gold with a vibrant marquise shaped tanzanite on top of its head. The details on this ring are exceptional, and a closer look reveals a scale-like pattern along the dragon’s body and a flowing tail with matching spikes.


What’s a fantasy tale without a treacherous journey over looming mountains? This couple wanted a bridal set featuring a bezel set sapphire and two white accent stones. The textured wedding band sits atop the polished ring like a crown, and their jagged silhouette looks like majestic mountain peaks.


This fantasy loving couple wanted a more delicate take on the theme, and our jewelry designers worked with them to create a ring fit for a fairy princess. A white gold band swirls around the clear topaz center stone, and a closer look at the ring’s profile reveals dragon-like wings along the sides. It’s almost as if these dragons are protecting an enchanted princess, or maybe a bewitching bride!


The ring this couple came up with looks like it belongs on the finger of a woodland fairy! We’re obsessed with this lively lab emerald and the lab diamond accents on the wedding band, as their color combination calls to mind a lush forest and a tranquil stream. The rose gold engagement ring also has an intricate braid and flower pattern, further proving that this ring was crafted for a fae queen.


This couple wanted a toi et moi design with fantasy flair, so our designers placed two moissanite center stones in a sunny yellow gold ring. A chevron pattern sneaks around the band while two sets of wings hold the moissanites in place as if they were guarded by dragons or gargoyles. Perhaps these stones are part of some deep magic ritual that bonds couples together for eternity?


This stunning ring brings feathered charm to the fantasy theme. A white gold feather cradles the green sapphire center stone, and graduated green sapphire accents dance around it. We could imagine this ring on the hand of a great falconer or legendary archer, tying in the feather design and their most precious piece of jewelry.


A mermaid-loving couple asked us to create this one-of-a-kind ring with incredible details. A white pearl and Swiss blue topaz accents represent the cool blue waves and white foam of the sea. And if you sneak a glance at the ring’s profile, you’ll notice a mermaid tail gracefully flowing from the top of the design to drive home that aquatic appeal.

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