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Double-prong engagement ring designs

Our favorite engagement rings with double-prong settings

Updated February 21, 2023

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Make mine a double

Sometimes, it’s the little details that make all the difference. For a touch — or two — of subtle sophistication, couples have doubled up on their engagement ring’s prongs. Not only can a double-prong setting hold a gemstone a little more securely, but it also does double duty as an elegant decoration. From fierce claw prongs to cute, rounded-off button prongs, come see how our couples customized their own double-prong engagement rings.


Good heavens! Our first bride-to-be must be on cloud nine with a soulmate who helped design her gorgeous engagement ring to celebrate their eternal bond. The sky blue topaz creates a calming effect with its soothing color as eight diamond accents along the ring’s shoulders drift like puffy little clouds. Rising from the ring’s gallery, four sets of slender rose gold double-prongs reach up to the center stone and hold it in their gentle embrace.


If these double-prongs look a little different to you, then you’ve got eagle eyes and a sharp mind. Clutched as if in the talons of a hawk, these claw-like double-prongs grasp an elegant radiant cut diamond. The rectangular shape of the center stone is harmoniously balanced by two sets of round and marquise cut diamond accents decorating the shoulders of this luxurious yellow gold engagement ring.


Sometimes, our couples’ rings give us the giggles! Maybe it’s just us, but don’t those double prongs look just like cute bunny ears? Four sets of yellow gold bunny ear-like prongs can hardly contain all the sparkle of Karmen’s diamond center stone. Not content with just one though, she got a whole bevy of diamonds! You’ll spot them illuminating the pavé-set shoulders of the engagement ring and dancing in the light all along the matching wedding band.


Brr! We’re getting chilly winter vibes from this double-prong engagement ring. Bundled in the bare branches of the white gold double-prongs, an ice-blue, oval cut aquamarine glistens next to petite pearl accent gems. Don’t those pearls look just like snow-covered holly berries? They fit right in above the ring’s shoulders, frosted with pavé-set diamond accents. Come Christmas-time, you’ll find this bride-to-be under the mistletoe, arms around her cozy fiancé.


Ready for something warmer? Let’s heat things up with this red-hot lab ruby! The elegant emerald cut of the center stone is balanced by the shimmer of the princess cut diamonds on either side. They’re all grasped tight by rose gold claw-like prongs, the center stone held even tighter with double-prongs. Hiding in the gallery, you’ll find a little flame symbol, a memento of the app where Sydney and her partner’s burning romance first began.


This future husband wanted a unique ring for his baker bride-to-be, so our designers cooked up something special for her. The solitaire diamond shimmers in the center as its double-prongs melt into the center setting, hiding amongst the octagonal milgrain tracing around the center stone. Along the thick, tapered band, our designers etched a wheat stalk design, echoed in the matching band, for a symbolic touch that makes Abi’s ring one-of-a-kind.


Here’s another plant-inspired engagement ring. But this one has a dramatic take on its floral theme. Three petal-shaped, marquise cut diamonds pop from either side of the hefty, oval cut blue sapphire. Their sharp edges are dotted by prongs in warm rose gold, echoes in the double-prongs holding the cool, dark center stone. Dark and light, big and small, round and pointy — it’s the opposites that attract us with their drama — and we can’t get enough!


At the end of our list, we’ve come full circle with an engagement ring that celebrates the shape and brings a whole lot of sparkle. Hamish started with a glittering oval cut moissanite caught in the claws of four sets of double-prongs. He placed the center setting on a dainty rose gold band drenched with round moissanite accents in a pavé setting. One final detail, a hidden halo of moissanites, wraps around the gallery of the ring like a secret merry-go-round that’s sure to light up his fiancée’s face.

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