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Star Wars inspired engagement ring designs

Updated August 24, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

For a love that spans the galaxies

When you say "I love you," does your special someone answer "I know"? You've come to the right place. Star Wars is an adventure story so grand the entire universe could barely contain it, so it’s no surprise it’s captured the hearts of fans for generations. If you’re a bit of a Star Wars nerd like we are, we hope you’ll be inspired by these one-of-a-kind rings couples designed inspired by their shared love of all things Star Wars. These couples worked with our team to design these rings to symbolize their love. Maybe your ring will symbolize your next grand adventure with your beloved.


Beep boop bop! (That’s R2D2-speak for “I love you.”) We love the droid inspired ring this couple came up with crafted from white gold. The center holds a simple round moissanite accented by six sapphires in a circle. Does that design look familiar to you? Of course, Star Wars fans will notice immediately that the center of the ring is inspired by R2D2.


This couple prefered an engagement ring with a more classic look, but still wanted a nod to their love for Star Wars. A dainty princess-cut diamond sits at the center of this ring atop a white gold band. But look a little closer, and you’ll notice a tiny, hidden Jedi Order inspired symbol in the ring’s gallery. We think it’s a beautiful way to celebrate the special connection between this couple. After all, being in the Jedi Order is about connection: you are stronger together than you could ever be alone.


We’re so lucky we get to work with some of the most creative couples, like the pair who envisioned this ring. The Millennium Falcon inspired design really pops on this white gold ring. The London blue topaz center stone adds a beautiful pop of color, and the wavy band design creates a sense of movement, making the Millennium Falcon really look like it’s flying!


Next up on our list, this classically designed ring displays both a light and dark side. On the light side, of course we have to start by pointing out the sparkly round moissanite at the center of the ring. Did you notice though, if you look down the band of the ring you’ll see lightsaber detailing with London blue topaz accents? The band itself is made of blue sapphire lightsabers! But on the galley, you’ll notice the symbol of the evil Galactic Empire, bringing us over to the dark side (we hear they have cookies). But, maybe the Galactic Empire logo symbolizes that they’re building their own empire. Uh, can you say relationship goals?!


This moissanite ring is a beautiful testament to the love and connection between the couple who envisioned it. The center stone is supported on one side of the band by a pretty flower design with dainty pink tourmaline gems. The other side features the inspired symbols of the Jedi Order and Rebellion, merged to demonstrate the joining of two different factions, just like the soon-to-be husband and wife. We know there won’t be a single dry eye as they share the story of this ring with their friends and family.


You have to be tough to be in the Rebel Alliance. That’s probably why this ring is pavé-set with dozens of shimmering diamonds, which happen to be a symbol of strength. Under the round-cut center diamond, in the ring’s gallery, there’s a tiny, hidden secret: a Rebel Alliance logo. The ring’s owner may not need to fight for the fate of the galaxy, but they were certainly strong enough to fight for love.


Embracing your dark side can be badass, and this ring is chock-full of dark imagery for the most badass bride. The hypnotizing lab-grown ruby is set at the center of the ring on top of a Death Star. Turn it to the side and you’ll see an entrancing green emerald at its center. The Death Star is supported by two menacing Darth Vader masks with black spinel accents on top and bottom. Finally, the band wouldn’t be complete without a Darth Vader lightsaber design. We’re already getting shivers just looking at this ring!


“Rounding” out the list, we have a ring with a classic round-cut moissanite center stone and two, round Rebel Alliance inspired logos. To add a pop of color, the logos are inset with aquamarine, blue sapphire, and London blue topaz accent gems. Set next to each other, they look like little planets, ready for an intrepid adventurer to explore them.

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