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March Birthstone Rings

Get inspired by March's birthstone — aquamarine

Updated June 3, 2020

This article is part of our Birthstone Rings series, where we share the beautiful and varied ways our customers have featured birthstones in their rings.

March's birthstone — aquamarine

We celebrate March birthdays with aquamarine's bright, open blue. For sea and water lovers, it's the perfect gem. Aquamarine has very good wearability characteristics for a daily-wear ring and is generally reasonably priced even at large sizes. There are no obvious alternatives for those who don't like aquamarine but it's also quite rare for us to find someone who really doesn't like aquamarine. Here are just a handful of aquamarine rings we've designed with our customers to help you get inspired by the possibilities of this birthstone.

Classic Sea Blue Aquamarine

We'll start with this beautiful cushion cut aquamarine. Its brilliant cut offers a lot of sparkle behind its classic Caribbean blue. We set it in an antique frame halo, with its gorgeous vintage-inspired curves and milgrain edges. Under the halo, the basket includes a really unique and personal design, showing a bottle-fed calf — because this couple told us they have raised several bottle baby calves together and wanted that personal touch where she'd see it when she tipped the ring forward.

Taking the same cushion shape and the same classic color, this ring takes the gem in a much more modern design direction. Setting the aquamarine in white gold brings a more cool, crisp look from the blue color. And the design uses an understated cluster setting. It's asymmetrical, mixing sizes and colors (blue sapphire and peridot add pops of color around the diamonds), but the choice of a larger aquamarine anchors the look.

Here's an emerald-cut aquamarine. This cut's elegant step-cut facets are the perfect way to show off a gem's color with minimal distraction. We had this one custom cut from a larger stone with the right color, but not the right shape. The ring's design draws on vintage styling for inspiration and creates a beautiful, open pattern on the shoulders that hints at a dragonfly. A happy accident, since our designer hadn't intentionally set out to capture a dragonfly — a symbol that we learned has wonderful significance in the recipient's life. Our customer shared a story of when his fiancée-to-be had spent some time at her grandparents' old homestead in Saskatchewan. Camping alone out there, she was visited by an unusual number of dragonflies. Dragonflies, in their words, "are said to have two sets of wings because one set represents an angel who is riding on the back of the dragonfly to come visit you." Once we realized that we'd stumbled on this perfect symbol, it was clear that we had the right design.

Now for a couple round aquamarines. This ring has a sleek design when viewed from above, with minimal ornamentation creating a very modern look. But viewed from the side, the band hides scrolling curves of white gold inspired by the ocean, like waves crashing under the surface.

For this ring, we started from the round aquamarine center stone and explored designs with various arrangements of diamonds around it. The look we settled on nestles small clusters of diamonds in the wide open curves of a twisting band.

Shades of Blue

Aquamarine doesn't stray far from its light blue, but there's still a range of color available in that part of the color spectrum. Some prefer a lighter, icy blue like the oval aquamarine in this ring. It's a perfect pairing with the bright array of diamonds around it. This aquamarine also features a Portuguese oval cut, which is a faceting style that uses a larger number of facets to create a lot of sparkle and scintillation. A perfect fit for the sparkly, vintage-inspired look of this halo-knot design.

And, at the other end of the spectrum, we have this deeper blue aquamarine. We custom cut this emerald shape with the more vivid, saturated blue color the customer was looking for. The couple worked together on designing this ring set, and they definitely weren't interested in the current trend toward ultra-delicate rings. The right look for them was a sleek, substantial band, with the polished white gold bezel accentuating the geometry of the center setting.

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