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Snake engagement ring designs

Updated August 24, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Wrapped around your finger and your heart

Snakes hold a certain power over our imaginations, signifying everything from protection to fertility, rebirth to primal energy. Best of all, they are also a sign of happiness and eternal love. No matter what the slithering serpents mean to you and your sssssignificant other, they can inspire the most beautiful engagement rings. Here are some of our favorite designs that our couples came up with.


We slither into a list of our favorite snake inspired rings with this green tourmaline stunner. The oval-cut stone is fiercely guarded by a sleek white gold snake. We love the unique way the snake rolls and ripples down the shoulders of this ring — it almost feels alive!


If there was ever a ring that spoke of a couple’s eternal love, this would be it! The customer imagined a white gold snake encircling their fiancée's finger only to eat its own tail in a circle that never ends. A mesmerizing white opal sits on top of the snake’s head and two Swiss blue topaz accents make up its eyes.


Snakes will often hide in plain sight just like the cute personalization this couple chose for their engagement ring. The emerald-cut blue zircon and diamond accents of this ring are stunning, but turn the rose gold ring on its side and we find a peekaboo snake hiding away from prying eyes.


Where the snake on the last ring was a bit sneaky, this snake isn’t shy at all! This couple chose a snake design that dazzles almost as much as the Swiss blue topaz center stone. We love the contrast between the yellow gold band that feathers away from the center stone and the white gold snake that envelops the whole ring. A beautiful nod to two personalities coming together.


At first glance, you might not notice the slithering inspiration behind this couple’s ring. Our designers perfectly crafted this ring so if you look from a different angle you'll find yourself peering into the emerald eyes of the serpent. The band of this engagement ring is an emerald-encrusted snake wearing a gorgeous round-cut center diamond as a crown! The matching wedding band holds a flourish of diamond accents that mirror the emerald scales of the snake.


How beautiful is this dainty ring? A slender snake makes its way through twigs and leaves to a pool of cool water: a stunning round-cut lab-created blue sapphire center stone. We love the mix of colored stones this couple chose for their ring! The center sapphire is paired with purple amethyst accents and two emeralds making up the snake’s piercing eyes.

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