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Ocean engagement ring designs

Inspiration for literature, music, and your summer pictures, the ocean is an endless source of beauty and creativity. It’s no surprise then that many couples choose to use ocean inspiration for their engagement rings!

Updated October 18, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

A love that spans the ocean

Some of our couples love the ocean, others are interested in the mysterious undersea life, or some have had to cross the seas for their relationship to flourish. Regardless of what turned them to the sea, these ocean-inspired engagement rings are a wave of fresh air.


This couple chose a discreet and classic approach to incorporating the ocean into their engagement ring design. Moissanite shines bright as the center stone, and waves along with a secret message are engraved across the inside of the white gold band, connecting the moissanite and tsavorite garnet accents.


Not to be dramatic, but if Ariel was real, this would be her engagement ring! Inspired by sea life, just like the bride-to-be wanted, the pear-shaped opal is front and center, paired with moissanite accents. We think this one-of-a-kind ring almost feels like a coral reef, don’t you agree?


If we were an octopus, we’d want to wrap our tentacles around this diamond too! This couple loves the ocean and scuba diving, so it only made sense to have octopus tentacles serving as the basket for this diamond and white gold engagement ring. There are even a few wavy accents on the wedding band to tie it all together!


The deep ocean, but make it chic! This marquise-cut black diamond swaying in the waves of a white gold band is a one-of-a-kind minimalist interpretation of the nautical theme for an ocean admirer. Did you see those waves in the gallery? Our fear of the deep sea is cured!


Turtle lovers unite! This ocean-inspired engagement ring has a lovely tiny turtle as the main focus, and a diamond shell makes it all the more glamorous! The little turtle is floating (or should we say swimming?) between aquamarine accent waves.


This simple yet regal ocean engagement ring design is a shore winner. (Ha, get it?) The sculptural tidal details in the white gold band are playful and guide you to a diamond center stone and accents. The perfect take on an ocean theme for this bride-to-be!


Those born and raised on a coastline or an island know that the ocean is always in the heart. The groom wanted his beloved to carry a piece of Hawaii at all times, so he and our designers came up with a moissanite sea turtle. Blue sapphire accents on the waves of the band give this ocean-themed engagement ring even more of a sea vibe.


It’s time to close out our ocean engagement ring lineup with a splash (not a bang, get it?) This bridal set might seem simple at first with a round diamond solitaire, but there are ocean accents added throughout! The engagement ring features a peekaboo shark on the gallery, and the wedding band boasts waves and an aquamarine accent. This groom-to-be played a huge role in designing this set, honoring his marine biologist partner.

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