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Nenya inspired engagement ring designs

Our favorite engagement rings inspired by Nenya, Galadriel’s elven Ring of Power.

Updated October 19, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

A Tolkien of love

“Fiancée” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? For a Lord of the Rings fiancée, there are few inspirations better than Nenya, Galadriel’s Ring of Power. In Tolkien’s world, Galadriel halted the passage of time with her magical ring. In the real world, a lover’s kiss can wield similar power. Our creative couples and designers made each ring one-of-a-kind, as unique as a non-fungible Tolkien (oh how orc-ward — we’ve used the same pun twice!). Vilya take a moment to check out some of our couples’ Nenya inspired engagement rings?


Matthew expressed his “felines” (get it?) for his bride-to-be with this adorable Lord of the Rings and cat themed engagement ring. Behind the Nenya inspired center flower setting floats a tanzanite, blue as the gleaming waters of a serene elvish pond (did you know that nenya comes from nén, elvish for water?). And what are those purrfect prong details reaching into the pond and grabbing the flower petals? None other than two cute kitty hands, p-awww!


We’re falling in love with this autumnal engagement ring. Fallen branches and maple leaves in sunny yellow gold scatter around our future bride’s band. And under the flowery Nenya inspired flower center setting, our ring reveals a color-shifting alexandrite center stone, signaling our couple’s own shift into an exciting new chapter in their relationship.


Next, let’s look at a more abstract, geometric engagement ring. Inspired by The White Ring (Nenya), this one is crafted in white gold for that famous ethereal, frosty look. Four slender leaves on the band point to the stand-out center setting: a geometrically intricate double flower hiding a brilliant, round moissanite. Who knows? Our bride’s moissanite may even be the mythical white stone of adamant, or at least it’s fun to imagine!


Here's an example of fine elvish fashion, don’t you a-green? Elves are deeply connected to nature, and this couple’s engagement ring reflects that theme. Resembling a rudbeckia hirta, or “Green Eyed Susan” flower, this Nenya inspired ring’s golden petals burst out around the color shifting alexandrite. Look closely and you’ll even spot little pavé-set diamonds along one side of each petal, adding serious bling to this ring that’s as gorgeous as an elvish bride.


Ahhh… Like watching a Middle-earth sunset on a lazy Mersday evening, the rose gold of this bridal set is giving us the “warm and fuzzies.” A shy white sapphire peeks out from behind the Nenya inspired center setting, where intricate craftsmanship breathes life and texture into the center flower. Around the center setting, laurel-like details artfully overlap in the style of a wreath, except this one you wear on your finger, not your head!


This bride-to-be simply rocks into Mordor. After all, feast your eyes on that diamond! It’s on full display as those petals part to reveal its brilliance. As you admire the leaves drifting into the platinum band, turn the ring on its side and you’ll see the illusion our designers crafted: rising up from the leaves, the engagement ring’s basket setting appears as a rose, the flower of love.

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