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Lord of the Rings inspired engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite engagement rings inspired by the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings

Updated October 18, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

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Soon, your own fantasy will become reality. If you're anything like our couples, Tolkien's imaginative books and movies filled your head with dreams of adventure and fantasies of Middle-Earth. Some of our couples were inspired by noble Elves and magical jewelry, others by lush forests and sky-high castles. With the help of our own fellowship of designers and crafters, these enchanting couples brought their Lord of the Rings engagement rings to life. We hope you'll feel inspired by the ones we curated here for you.


Our first couple’s Lord of the Rings inspired engagement ring captures the essence of Elvish fashion. Their understated engagement ring, inspired by Elvish crowns, keeps the pear cut alexandrite in center stage, with a wispy, ethereal-looking band as support. We think it’s a fine fit worthy of Elvish royalty.


This engagement ring has some serious power, flower power that is! The citrine center stone glows like an evening sun through the flower-sculpted center setting. And don’t those peridot accent gems just look just like leafy foliage on the rose gold band? Our bride-to-be’s ring is inspired by Nenya, one of the three Elven Rings of Power fabled to ward off evil. Useful for when she comes across a sword-wielding orc or just an over-eager parking enforcer, don’t you think?


This nature-themed bridal set looks straight out of the Lord of the Rings movies. Blooming flowers and vining leaves in white gold offset the sparkling diamond center stone. If you look closely, you’ll notice the flowers draw inspiration from Arwen’s mythical Evenstar, a touching tribute to undying love, like to one between the Elven jewel’s receiver, King Aragorn, and giver, Lady Arwen.


We’re obsessed with this bridal showpiece that’s a tribute to Elven culture. Having read The Lord of the Rings in elementary school, Lauren wanted to incorporate that high fantasy aesthetic in her engagement ring. So, our designers added touches of Elven architecture in the long dancing lines of the ring’s white gold band. Look closely, under the London blue topaz and aquamarine accents, and you’ll even notice tiny blooms, a token of Lauren’s love of nature.


Opposites attract in our next Lord of the Rings inspired engagement ring. As a tribute to Meagan’s favorite fandoms, the lime green peridot center stone hearkens to Elves’ love of nature while the surrounding black spinel and yellow sapphire accent stones pay homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas. The white gold band even hides an Elvish inscription: “simply meant to be.” Between an elf and a human, and a skeleton and ragdoll, this ring shows the beauty of mismatched love.


We love simple designs, like this Lord of the Rings inspired engagement ring in the style of Elvish handicraft. Like the Leaves of Lorien, the flowing details and leaves motif of this charming engagement ring give that whimsical aura of nature, like merry Elves playing in Lothlorien forest, flower crowns atop their Elvish heads.


Here’s another engagement band inspired by Arwen’s Evenstar from Lord of the Rings. Notice the distinctive star-like designs along the band, with aquamarine accents at their center? With the accent stones as blue as the sea of Ekkaia and the diamond center stone as white as the snow caps on the mountains of Pelori, this ring belongs to an adventurous spirit. After all, isn’t that why we love this fantasy series in the first place?


We saved this stunner for the finale. We could stare for hours at the mesmerizing brilliance of this engagement ring’s morganite center stone with its sparkling halo of moissanite accents. And tucked under the center setting, we spot the familiar flower motifs inspired by Arwen’s Evenstar pendant, with its sweeping lines and geometric harmony. Between the linear details and the balanced design, this ring looks crafted by a master jeweler Elf, but we can’t confirm or deny whether we have one on our team at CustomMade.

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