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Star Trek inspired engagement ring designs

Our favorite engagement rings inspired by Star Trek, the biggest sci-fi TV series ever

Updated October 18, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

We have engaged the Borg. You’re invited to the wedding.

If you greet your love with a Vulcan salute before a hug or kiss, you’re in the right place. We love Star Trek for its sense of optimism in the face of any challenge, the dash of interstellar danger, and of course the cool technology! Our Trekkie couples put that same love for the sci-fi series and for their partners into their own creative Star Trek inspired rings. Like Data, we hope you become fond of the rings in this list as much as we have.


This engagement ring features not one, but two sci-fi series spaceships. On either side of the kite-set, princess cut blue sapphire center stone, the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek and the familiar police box from Dr. Who stand ready to take off into action. Incorporating her favorite fandoms into her ring was a bighearted gesture, but we think Katrina already knew Fred’s love for her is bigger than the inside of the TARDIS!


An i-Khan-ic Star Trek inspired logo in yellow gold stands proudly as a center setting in this Trekkie engagement ring. The luminous pear-cut emerald center stone inside the elongated star setting further adds to the aesthetic. And along the white gold band, kite-set amethyst and London blue topaz accents make us feel like we’re zooming through space at warp speed.


This Trekkie bridal set is like that thumb-splitting magic trick, except with the USS Enterprise! Just as in our bride-to-be, Nikki’s, favorite episode, the wedding band, representing Enterprise’s starship section, can detach from the saucer engagement ring. The lone gem, a Swiss blue topaz, rests at the heart of the engagement ring. They say home is where the heart is. If that’s true, then set a course…for home.


Pew pew! What’s better than a Starship Enterprise in your ring? Two, of course! Our future(istic) groom James felt inspired by the USS Enterprise from The Next Generation, so our designers “made it so” with two little Enterprise inspired designs on each side of the diamond center stone. The blue sapphire and diamond accent stones in the band even resemble light up panels, giving this ring the look of a piece of futuristic technology from 2370 CE.


The last ring on our list boldly goes where no ring has gone before. After all, the scintillating trillion cut diamond in its yellow gold delta-style center setting is a bold choice. Along the ring’s shoulder, shimmering honey passion topaz, London blue topaz, and garnet rhodolite accent stones pop with color, mimicking the hues of the classic Star Trek uniforms. Those monochrome uniforms may not have been a bold fashion choice, but our bride-to-be will certainly make a statement with her colorful Trekkie showpiece.

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