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Nightmare Before Christmas inspired engagement ring designs

Engagement rings based on the cult classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Updated September 8, 2022

For it is plain, as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be

Jack and Sally, the lovable misfits and heroes of Halloween Town, prove that true love never dies. Whether you’ve also found your home in another person or you just love the aesthetic of The Nightmare Before Christmas, we think you’ll agree. These rings feature a touch of the macabre and celebrate misfit love. We hope they’ll inspire you to think of a custom ring for your own dearest friend.


Jack Skellington may gaze at the stars, but we can’t help gazing at this ring’s mesmerizing dark opal center stone. Stephen wanted to add a touch of his significant other’s favorite movie, so we curled the ring’s band in the style of the iconic Spiral Hill of Pumpkin Town. Also, did you notice the clever reversal? Instead of the movie’s dark Hill highlighting a round, yellow moon, this ring’s gold hills highlight its dark, round center stone.


Don’t go green with envy when you see this ring! From above, you’ll immediately notice the emerald accents surrounding the moissanite center stone. Turn the ring to the side and you’ll spot our couple’s personal touches: engravings resembling Jack and Sally embracing and a special detail commemorating the couple’s first trip together to Hawaii: the native Kamehameha butterfly.


If you can’t help geeking out over your favorite movie and video game franchise, like this couple, then use inspiration from both! Adam wanted a secret homage to The Nightmare Before Christmas, so he chose a heartwarming quote to engrave on the band: “We’re Simply Meant To Be.” The band of the ring also features some swirling details, no doubt a nod to the Spiral Hill. As for Zelda, there’s an obvious homage in the accent stones: emeralds, rubies, and sapphires in the shape of two Triforces. The ring looks so regal, it’s fit for a (Hyrulean) princess or a (Pumpkin) queen.


There are no bones about it, this creative couple goes gaga for their favorite skeleton and his magical, macabre world. Just check out all these homages featured in their bridal set. Under the moissanite center stone of the engagement ring, on either side, there’s a familiar face resembling Jack Skellington himself. On the ring’s profile, an iconic bat bowtie that any Nightmare Before Christmas fan will instantly recognize. And of course, there’s the Spiral Hill-resembling design of the wedding band. One final personal touch rounds out this ring: video game controllers on the band, a nod to the couple’s love of gaming together.


Some of our customers want to make a more subtle statement in their engagement ring. That’s why this couple chose the salt and pepper diamond center stone, to lend some of that dark mood that Nightmare Before Christmas is famous for. We recommended our customer, Zechariah, place his subtle homage to Jack and Sally in the ring’s gallery, where you’ll find an engraving resembling the face of the Pumpkin King. For any Nightmare Before Christmas fan, this engagement ring is the picture of understated elegance.


This spooky ring is fit for a (Pumpkin) queen and king. The black diamond center stone is held by its curling and twisting white gold band that resembles creeping branches. The little amethyst accents add a pop of color and overall give this engagement ring the aesthetic of Tim Burton’s beloved movie. There might even be a few Spiral Hills thrown in there if you look close enough!


Finally, you don’t have to go dark in a Nightmare Before Christmas themed engagement ring. This ring features a classic look that’s more than all-white! Joshua wanted a curvy ring with just a touch of Nightmare Before Christmas for his beloved. So, we incorporated the iconic spiraling hills into the design of the band and on the ring’s gallery. The moissanite center stone and accents complete the look of this beautiful traditionally-styled engagement ring.

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