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Game of Thrones inspired engagement ring designs

Our favorite rings inspired by George R. R. Martin’s fantasy world of dragons and power.

Updated October 12, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Wedding is coming

As Game of Thrones fans, we love every kind of wedding… except a red wedding (please forgive us, we’ve GoT a dark Sansa humor). If you’ve fallen for your lover harder than Bran Stark, we Rickon you’ll find these rings simply Hodor-able. Our couples love Game of Thrones so much, they wanted to show their love for the series in their engagement rings, wedding bands, and even statement rings (some with a side of suffer-ring and murder-ring). So, take a Mormont or two and check out our lineup of Game of Thrones inspired rings.


Brock and his partner love fantasy, so we employed the finest jewelers in King’s Landing to help craft their engagement ring. In true Lannister fashion, yellow gold drenches this opulent masterpiece, but look closely and you’ll instantly recognize tell-tale dragon wings making up the top arch of the ring’s band, a nod to the Mother of Dragons herself. Two more fantasy symbols hide in this powerful ring: deathly hallows inspired logos in the shoulders which highlight the brilliant, princess cut ruby center stone. The true seat of power.


For a Stark contrast to the last ring, check out this platinum wedding band featuring the house sigil of a ferocious wolf. On either side of the dire wolf head, Celtic sailor’s knots interweave, representing a bond that cannot be broken — like the one between the sworn brothers of the Night’s Watch. And did you notice that Wall-like brick detailing carved into the background? You’re going to need dead-ication to protect yourself and your pack when you’re constantly hounded by White Walkers.


A statement ring tells a story about you, and Brent’s ring says he’s not afraid to harness fire and blood magic. Modeled after Melisandre’s mysterious necklace, the yellow gold band made of hexagonal rings traps the flush-set garnet center stone, controlling its powers. Upon close inspection, you’ll spot little flames dancing around the center stone. But be careful! If the stone’s glowing, watch out for a firewall coming your way or a shadow creeping up from behind.


Dumdumdadadumdum…Don’t you love that familiar Game of Thrones theme music? This wedding band features intricately carved scenes inspired by moments depicted on the ribbons of the spinning astrolabe from the show’s opening, like the houses of Westeros bowing to the stag and the three dragons of Aegon Targaryen in battle. And the interior of the ring hides an inscription from the Night’s Watch oath: “Night gathers, and now my watch begins.” So, technically, our groom has broken his vow to “take no wife” but oh well, nobody’s perfect.


This groom-to-be helped design an engagement ring for the Game of Thrones-loving moon of his life. The soft glow of the rose gold band blends beautifully with the warm orange and pink of the morganite center stone. And we love the diamond accents dotting the band’s upper half Oberyn over again. Our low-key bride-to-be may even let you in on a secret. A symbol of Targaryen power is hidden in the ring’s gallery: three teeth-bearing dragon heads. Ambitious but restrained, we think our future bride would make a fine queen of Westeros.


Here's one last engagement ring to jump on the band-dragon. Two serpentine dragons in white gold snake and sneer at each other. In the center, they almost touch snouts and seem to reflect, mirroring our groom-to-be Mitchell’s love for Game of Thrones, D&D, and Lord of the Rings. We have to give our designers credit, too. It’s hard working with dragons. You know, because they fire everyone. But seriously, our designers learned to handle dragons effectively by attending knight school!.

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