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Mermaid engagement ring designs

Updated August 24, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

A siren's love song

We’ve all dreamed of being a mermaid at one point or another, swimming through the sea without a care in the world in an underwater fantasy. That same type of dreamlike feeling is one people hope for in their marriages, so it’s no wonder couples have chosen to combine the mystical creature and their fantastical love in their engagement rings. Here are some of our favorite mermaid inspired rings that our couples have come up with.


The seaweed band of the first couple’s ring combines white and yellow gold hugging the baguette cut diamond in a faux tension setting. This mermaid loving couple opted for some extra bling with diamond accent stones dotting the band. Now, here’s where our designers added even more mermaid inspiration into this ring—take a look along the side of the band and you’ll see a subtle mermaid reaching for the diamond accent stone.


There’s nothing more enchanting than a unique color combination. For their mermaid inspired engagement ring, this couple chose an alexandrite center stone with topaz and amethyst side stones. While we’d normally say the diverse assortment of gemstones is out of this world, in this case it feels more appropriate to say this color combination is Under the Sea (any Little Mermaid fans here?). The colorful gemstones sit on an intertwined yellow gold band, creating a unique weaved band. This engagement ring is both exquisite and exotic, just like a mermaid!


Mermaids love to accessorize themselves with colorful jewels they’ve likely found in a pirate shipwreck. Based on that logic, the couple who created this ring must have been real-life mermaids! This yellow gold ring features a classic pear-shaped diamond center stone surrounded by a variety of accent stones including a garnet mozambique, an emerald, and an amethyst. The final mystical touch? A mermaid


The couple who envisioned this mermaid inspired engagement ring met by the shore. They both love to swim and they’ve spent most of their time exploring the depths of the ocean together. Using their love story as an inspiration, our designers worked with them to create a yellow gold ring with a marquise-cut blue topaz enclosed by a cluster of opal accent stones. While this ring was perfect for the ocean loving couple, we think it’s a ring any mermaid would be thrilled to wear!


This couple chose a rainbow moonstone to sit in the center of their mermaid inspired ring. Look how mesmerizing the iridescence of the moonstone is! It reminds us of the moonlight glistening over the surface of a calm sea. White sapphires and black diamonds accent the centerstone for a beautifully monochromatic vibe. We’re sure you noticed the sculpted flowers where the accent stones sit, but if you look even more closely, you’ll see a mermaid tail for that final aquatic touch!


A pearl shares many similarities with a mermaid, which is why they are often associated with each other. For one, they both thrive in the ocean. This engagement ring was personalized for a couple who were looking for a ring that would symbolize their love for the ocean, and the bride-to-be specifically mentioned her admiration for mermaids. With a white pearl held by a yellow gold band and diamond accent stones, the couple couldn’t be any happier with how their dream engagement ring turned out!

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