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Princess cut engagement ring designs

A few of our favorite engagement rings with princess cut center stones

Updated August 25, 2022

Every little girl dreams of being a princess, just like it also seems they all dream of their perfect proposal. There's no greater fairytale than being asked for your hand, so it’s no surprise many couples add a subtle nod to their fairytale dreams with a princess cut center stone for their engagement ring. As perfect as Prince Charming slipping on Cinderella’s glass slipper, these couples have created their perfect princess cut engagement rings.


Kicking off our princess cut countdown, this couple chose an alexandrite to sit in the center of their engagement ring. The princess cut center stone is held by a swirling white gold band filled with an ensemble of diamond accent stones.


It was shades of pink this couple was craving for their engagement ring, so what better choice than rose gold and a princess cut morganite? Black diamond accents contrast the morganite, making its peachy pink color pop even more.


This couple was looking for a unique yet timeless engagement ring, so what better way to do that than with a princess cut emerald? Even better, they specifically requested a tiara to be integrated into the ring’s design to fulfill the bride-to-be’s dream of being a princess. Our designers created this beautiful ring fit for royalty.


The princess cut diamond at the center of this bridal set fits perfectly into the petals of the mandala design surrounding it. Even though the couple wanted an intricate design for this show-stopping ring, the brilliant princess diamond at the center still catches all the attention.


There’s really something about the combination of a white gold and a sky blue topaz that makes us think “princess.”. To add even more “princess” feel to this ring, the couple opted for their center stone to be in a princess cut, showing off crushed ice flashes of blue for their Cinderella inspired ring.


Though this couple wanted intricate hummingbirds to make up the band of their ring, the princess cut lab created ruby takes center stage. Surrounded by a halo of diamonds, this ring brings a pop of color and shine to the bride-to-be’s finger


We know Prince’s iconic color was purple, but that doesn’t mean the color can’t be fit for a princess as well! This princess cut amethyst makes us want to sing Purple Rain with the way the light bounces through the stone. The yellow gold band hugs the square cut amethyst in an almost crown-like basket, once again bringing the princess theme to this ring with more than just the center stone’s cut.


Rounding out our countdown, we couldn’t think of a better ring than this princess cut light blue sapphire set in a yellow gold paved with diamond. This couple wanted a ring fit for royalty, and we think that goal was achieved!

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