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Anime inspired engagement ring designs

Our favorite engagement rings inspired by anime movies and TV shows

Updated October 19, 2022

This article is part of our What's Your Inspiration series, where we explore the personal touches and sources of inspiration our customers bring to their engagement rings.

Marry me, senpai!

Our anime loving couples married their anime crushes (no, not anime characters: each other!). Maybe you, too, are the type to attend anime conventions, otaku about the superiority of Japanese animation, and even learn kanji from subtitles. If so, check out some of the anime inspired engagement rings our couples have come up with.


Our anime loving bride-to-be infused her partner’s engagement ring with sha-ring-gan eye powers! The brilliant aquamarine center stone sits like a pupil in its eye-like setting, waiting to activate its powers. The powers are represented in the flower-like side settings inspired by mangekyō sharingan from Naruto. Known as “the eye that reflects the heart”, sharingan are fitting for our future couple as they only have eyes for each other.


Who wouldn’t want a big hug from an adorable little Totoro? The diamond center stone in this anime loving bride-to-be’s ring certainly did! The ring’s white gold band sweeps delicate wildflowers into its gallery, adding blooming life next to our furry friend. Totoro is friendly, patient, and ever-present in times of need, just like an anime-zing life partner, don’t you agree?


Our designers have never eaten a Gomu Gomu no Mi, but they really stretched their creative muscles designing this One Piece themed engagement ring with our anime loving bride-to-be. Inspired by Nami’s tattoo, the rose gold pinwheel design makes a bold statement. In the pinwheel’s upper curl, a pluckable citrine stone represents wealth and prosperity, Nami’s favorite things. And like the pirate vixen, our own swashbuckling babe is clearly unafraid to go against the tide.


Have you ever dreamed of a love as rare as a millennial comet? Our anime loving bride-to-be did, and that’s why she added romantic touches inspired by Kimi no Na wa to her engagement ring. The marquise cut moissanite center stone blends into the white gold band to let the accent stones pop. Blue sapphire and ruby accents light up the ring like the split Comet Tiamat while the white gold band gently twists like shooting star trails…and like the ties that bind two star-crossed lovers.


Some lovers are inseparable, connected at their hips — or hilts. Our hilt-hugging couple provided the inspiration while our designers crafted the Sword Art (Online) in this anime engagement ring. The pear cut ruby center stone, inspired by Asuna’s own engagement ring, is protected by two diamond accented swords resembling Asuna’s and Kirito’s: Lambent Light and Elucidator. We heard somewhere that these swords may even provide a boost to our bride-to-be’s “beauty” stat.


This anime loving couple wanted their engagement ring packed with references to their favorite animes. Luckily, our couple’s wish did not exceed our designers’ power (unlike Shenron’s!). Along the white gold band, you’ll find references to Dragon Ball, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and Kimetsu no Yaiba. But, in the middle slithers the stunning centerpiece: a meticulously crafted, coiled dragon surrounded by wish-giving orbs. Yup, this ring is cooler (get it?) than Frieza.


Did you, too, play dress-up with cute jewelry when you were a little kid? This anime loving fiancée gets to feel like a magical girl again with her engagement ring. Besides sparkly moissanites and a luxurious yellow gold band, this ring invokes child-like whimsy with the kawaii details in its shoulder. The wings and star recall Cardcaptor Sakura’s magical star wand while the crescent moon reminds us of Sailor Moon’s enchanting moon stick. Of course, no magical girl is complete without her helpful and handsome man of mystery…her future husband.


The weather worn look of this anime engagement ring lends it that vintage charm of a family heirloom almost as old as the Pillar Men from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. The white gold center setting with its trillion cut ruby is flanked by two round yellow sapphires and ornamental details in the style of the Red Stone of Aja. Who knows? This stone may even transform our protagonists into their own ultimate selves: husband and wife.

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